Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 340 - May 19th, 2024

Filtering After Shading with Stochastic Texture Filtering

  • the paper presents an investigation into applying texture filtering after shading instead of before shading
  • shows comparisons of the approaches and a background into the underlying theory
  • presents guidelines on the tradeoffs and when to use different approaches

Death To Shading Languages

  • the author presents his view on shading languages and the (lack of) evolution
  • discusses the shortcomings and issues arising from them
  • shows an outlook on why the concept of shading language is outdated and should be retired

Real-Time Path Guiding Using Bounding Voxel Sampling

  • the paper introduces a path-guiding method that utilizes an irradiance voxel data structure
  • the presented method is a spatial distribution
  • shows an evaluation of static and dynamic scenes, containing quality and performance

Area ReSTIR: Resampling for Real-Time Defocus and Antialiasing

  • the paper introduces Area ReSTIR that extends ReSTIR to be able to be applied to sub-pixel details
  • presents how to allow the reservoir to integrate with the area for the lens and film
  • shows the technique applied to depth of field and antialiasing

Ray Tracing with Voxels in C++ Series – Part 4

  • the article continues the series that covers the implementation of a voxel raytracer
  • this week explains the concept of noise patterns and presents the effects using soft shadows
  • explains white noise, blue noise, and stratification
  • additionally, it shows how to temporally apply noise to allow temporal accumulation

A Fully-correlated Anisotropic Micrograin BSDF Model

  • the paper presents an improved version of a BSDF developed for micro grain materials
  • shows how it explicitly models height-normal dependencies to summarize shadowing and masking inside the porous layer

[video] Beyond White Noise for Real-Time Rendering

  • the video presents how different types of noise for random number generation can affect the results
  • discusses Randomness/fairness when generating random numbers
  • present how different noises affect stochastic rendering techniques and suggest solutions to common problems
  • discusses FAST noise generator utility and available pre-generated noise patterns

Shapes and forms of DX12 root signatures

  • the article provides an excellent overview of the different ways to create root signatures in D3D12
  • starts with a brief overview of what a root signature is and how it’s used
  • then discusses different methods to author, create, decompile, and use the concept
  • presents a brief discussion on how root signatures are used and how other engines handle it

Recreating Nanite: Mesh shader time

  • the article discusses how to implement cluster-based mesh rendering using mesh shaders
  • discusses how to set mesh shaders using Vulkan
  • extends the pipeline to use task shaders to execute LOD selection and frustum culling
  • presents performance numbers and how wave utilization is essential

N-BVH: Neural ray queries with bounding volume hierarchies

  • the paper introduces a new neural method to compress BVH for raytracing workloads
  • shows how the technique is designed to be integrated into existing raytracing pipelines
  • presents a comparison against existing solutions on memory and performance

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