Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 339 - May 12th, 2024

AMD GPU architecture programming documentation

  • AMD released documentation for the Micro engine and the RDNA 3 ISA

Pre-condition block compressed textures with Brotli-G

  • the blog post presents that the Brotli-G (GPU compression library) now allows a pre-condition step that allows further file reduction
  • shows how to use the feature and what image formats are currently supported

Ray Tracing with Voxels in C++ Series – Part 3

  • the article continues the development of a voxel raytracer by explaining anti-aliasing and soft shadows
  • presents the difference between numerical integration and stochastic integration solvers
  • shows the technique with anti-aliasing first and derives soft shadows as a follow-up

Buffer Those Commands! // Vulkan For Beginners #8

  • the video tutorial explains the Vulkan command buffer concepts
  • presents limitations that OpenGL had and how Vulkan can solve these
  • shows the command buffer lifecycle, explains memory management
  • presents how to use the API to operate on command buffers

The shader graph contract

  • the article discusses the design trade-offs for a shader graph system
  • presents the complexity when integrating with modern complex shading systems
  • shows how Unreal and Unity implement the ideas

ZH3: Quadratic Zonal Harmonics

  • the paper introduces the ZH3 format for spherical harmonics that fills the gap between linear and quadratic SHs
  • The proposed solution improves the quality at the cost of a single extra coefficient per channel
  • the source code is provided

Apple’s Mysterious Fisheye Projection

  • the blog post discusses projection methods for spherical videos
  • presents issues with existing methods
  • reverse engineers what apples Methods appears to be doing and how it’s able to achieve higher quality

Thanks to Keith O’Conor for support of this series.

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