Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 338 - May 5th, 2024

[video] Math in Game Development Summit: A Visual Guide to Quaternions and Dual Quaternions

  • the GDC talk presents a great explanation of Quaternions and expands the concepts to cover dual quaternions
  • presents interactive and visual examples of the different components and operations involved
  • shows issues and limitations with matrix interpolations and how quaternions and dual quaternions can solve these limitations

Ray Tracing with Voxels in C++ Series – Part 2

  • this blog post covers how to extend a raytracer in a voxel world with support for reflections
  • expands perfect reflection to allow for refraction
  • contains challenges for the reader to develop their understanding further

Meshed Radiance Manifolds for Efficient Volumetric Rendering of Dynamic Faces

  • the paper introduces a method for view synthesis of facial expression captures in 3D views not captured
  • the presented solution is running at real-time rates without relying on machine learning techniques
  • achieved using a layered mesh for view-dependent information and mixing this with view-independent RGBA texture video
  • the included paper presents a summary of the technique, compares it against existing solutions, and discusses the limitations of the approach

[video] I3D 2024 Papers Preview

  • the video presents a summary of all the papers that will be presented at the I3D Conference 2024
  • shows a brief summary of a couple of seconds for each paper
  • papers cover an extensive range of topics, from ML techniques, VR research, upcoming display technologies, new filtering approaches, and much more

One Noise to Rule Them All: Learning a Unified Model of Spatially-Varying Noise Patterns

  • the paper discusses a generative model that is trained to generate multiple types of noise and blend between them
  • presents the network architecture, how it has been implemented and improved
  • shows many examples of the generated results

Filter-Adapted Spatio-Temporal Sampling for Real-Time Rendering

  • the paper presents a framework to shape rendering noise to optimize samples for perceptual quality and denoising performance
  • shows how sampling patterns can be optimized to take advantage of knowledge about post-processing spatial and temporal filtering characteristics
  • demonstrates how to use the framework on example applications

[video] Nanite for Artists | GDC 2024

  • the video shows the limitations of Nanite from an artist’s perspective
  • presents the debug views to explain why vegetation scenes are more difficult for the system to process
  • discusses possible solutions through the use of procedural generations and fallback LODs

Introducing Reverse Z (AKA I'm sorry for breaking your shader)

  • the Godot engine is switching the definition of near/far plane, with the near plane now mapping to a depth of 1 and the far plane to 0
  • this post explains common patterns that are affected by this change
  • additionally provides links to explain why this new mapping allowed significantly improved depth buffer precision

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