Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 344 - June 17th, 2024

[video] REAC 2024 DAY 1 Testing Rendering Code at Frostbite

  • the talk presents the system used by EA’s Frostbite team to test the rendering engine
  • shows an overview of the current state of the system and why they are the way they are
  • discusses all the complexities and difficulties
  • shows the tooling available and how different tools exist for different use cases
  • additionally discusses trade-offs and development approaches

[video] Coding Adventure: Optimizing a Ray Tracer (by building a BVH)

  • the video explains the concept of a BVH (bounding volume hierarchy) and presents how it increases the performance of a raytracing implementation
  • shows a detailed explanation and many visualizations of the behavior of the data structure and how to build an efficient implementation
  • presents different heuristics that can be used to order the data for efficient access
  • shows the results and presents performance improvements

Raymarching explained interactively

  • the article provides an interactive walkthrough into the implementation of the Raymarching algorithm
  • explains the logic of signed distance functions in 2D and expands these to 3D
  • presents the implementation of a simple 3D raymarching scenes
  • the provided code samples are interactive and can be used to get a better understanding of the presented techniques through experimentations

[video] Quaternions to Homogeneous Points, Lines, and Planes

  • the second path of the math tutorial series from GDC 2024 extends the dual quaternion knowledge (see last week 338 for prerequisite)
  • starts by developing an intuition for plane representation (normal + distance), difference between positions and directions, and behavior under reflections
  • additionally explains the understanding of homogenous concepts

[video] REAC 2024 DAY 2 Modernizing geometry rendering in Alan Wake 2

  • the presentation presents updates done to the rendering pipeline of the internal engine used for Alan Wake 2
  • focuses on explaining the technique selection and why the choices were made
  • in-detail discusses the meshlet geometry pipeline and changes to the material system
  • additionally discusses updates on the used transparency models

[video] I3D 2024 Papers Session 5 - Noise and Reconstruction

  • the video recordings of Noise and Reconstrictions papers from I3D have been released
  • covers ¬†FAST: Filter-Adapted Spatio-Temporal Sampling for Real-Time Rendering, Filtering After Shading With Stochastic Texture Filtering, and Cone-Traced Supersampling for Signed Distance Field Rendering

The engine of the future.

  • following the REAC 2024 conference, this author composes his 10 predictions on how graphics engine architecture might evolve
  • looks back at the history, current developments and looks into the future
  • additional discusses how mobile requirements vary and how it might indicate a future on consoles and PCs as well

Thanks to Graham Wihlidal for support of this series.

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