Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 346 - June 30th, 2024

A Practical Real-Time Model for Diffraction on Rough Surfaces

  • the paper introduces a real-time BRDF model addressing diffraction on rough surfaces
  • shows the improved realism in Unity over the Cook–Torrance model
  • presents a performance comparison against a base Cook–Torrance implementation

GPU profiling for WebGPU workloads on Windows with Chrome

  • the blog post presents how to profile WebGPU applications with Nsight, PIX, and Radeon GPU Profiler
  • The presented solution takes advantage of context sharing and dll interception

Residual path integrals for re-rendering

  • the paper presents an approach for incremental re-rendering of scenes
  • it formulates image differences as a residual path integral, solved with importance sampling and path mapping
  • presents speed-ups over previous methods and independent frame rendering


C++ Gameplay and UI Programmers

Auckland, New Zealand

Grinding Gear Games are seeking experienced C++ Gameplay and UI Programmers to join our incredibly talented team. We’re after programmers to help design and implement gameplay and UI elements for Path of Exile using modern C++.

High Performance Graphics - Conference Program

  • the conference program for the High-Performance Graphics has been released
  • will take place between July 26 to 28 in Denver

[video] SIGGRAPH 2024 Technical Papers Trailer

  • the video shows an overview of Technical Papers to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2024
  • shows a quick showcase of each trailer and a brief summary of the presented approaches

Patch Decomposition for Efficient Mesh Contours Extraction

  • the paper presents a method for the efficient extraction of mesh contours
  • it proposes a simple, flat data structure that is GPU-friendly and uses patches bounded by normal cones and sphere
  • discusses how to generate these patches and improve bounding sphere calculations
  • presents a performance comparison against CPU techniques

[video] Submitting Command Buffers // Vulkan For Beginners #10

  • the next episode of the Vulkan tutorial series presents how to execute work to the GPU
  • presents how to clear the image to a fixed color and integrate it with the presentation process

[video] Intro To Procedural Shapes and Patterns - Episode 1

  • new video tutorial series that will cover how to generate procedural shapes and patterns from shaders
  • implementation is shown using Unity and Unreal Engine
  • this video focuses on the reasons why to use the approaches and how to create a pattern with antialiased edges

[video] I Tried Turning Games Into Text

  • the video presents an approach to develop an ASCII art shader approach (converts 3D rendering to text)
  • discusses methods, issues of the techniques, improvements and presents results on several different games
  • presents how to map the techniques onto a compute shader execution model
  • additionally presents other techniques that could be built upon

A quick introduction to workgraphs

  • the blog post presents a walkthrough on how to implement a raytracing classification shadow optimization using D3D12 work graphs
  • first discuss an overview of the technique
  • followed by a presentation on how to express this technique using HLSL and D3D12 work graphs

Thanks to Bruno Opsenica for support of this series.

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