Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 44 — June 24, 2018

Breaking down barriers – part 3: multiple command processors

  • discusses problems with synchronization between unrelated work when using a single command queue
  • showcases how two command queues can achieve better overall utilization at the cost of longer latency

Simball description

  • explanation of the simball environment that has been initially designed for the Maxwell Renderer
  • descriptions of the different object features, what they are designed to provide tests for and how it’s supposed to be used

Zelda – The Bling-Bling Offset

  • shows how Zelda uses an FX in world space to make objects visible in high grass by adjusting the position of the effect based on the environment
  • fix clipping with the object by offsetting the FX towards the camera

Blackscreen checklist for OpenGL and D3D

  • twitter thread with a checklist of common problems that can cause objects not be rendered in OpenGL / D3D

Adaptive Temporal Antialiasing

  • the technique that mixes rasterization and temporal antialiasing to only ray trace pixels where a classification algorithm determines that TAA will not produce good results

Combining Analytic Direct Illumination and Stochastic Shadows

  • C++ source code and prebuild demo application are released

Texture-space Decals

  • The decals are projected from world space onto the mesh UV and rendered into separate per-object decal textures

The other Pathtracer 4: Optimizing AABB-Ray intersection

  • optimizations to raytracer using SIMD
  • extending AABB tests to deal with various edge cases

ACES 1.1 now available

  • a new set of SDR ODT (Output Device Transforms)
  • first Output Transforms that combine the RRT (Reference Rendering Transform) and ODT (Output Device Transforms) into a single transform

Optimising path tracing: the last 10%

  • shows how the runtime/compile time selection feature of the Rust programming language is used to select different SSE intrinsics based on the available hardware

roblox graphics APIs 2018

  • overview of rendering API support for the user of Roblox
  • Metal reaches above 60% on MacOS and D3D11 77% on Windows
  • on Android, Vulkan is available on 20% of devices

lunarg releases new vulkan 1.1.77 sdk

  • new sdk contains VK_KHR_get_display_properties2 and VK_KHR_draw_indirect_count extensions