Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 49 — July 29, 2018

The Elusive Frame Timing

  • explanation of frame stuttering
  • provides videos and frame by frame comparisons of what is causing the stutter
  • explains how the discrepancy between measured time and actual present time causes the studdering issue
  • current state of graphics API ecosystem in solving this problem

Quality hashes collection WebGL2

  • shadertoy implementations of multiple noise types
  • the comments describe improvements and possible optimizations to the used noise types

View-warped Multi-view Soft Shadowing for Local Area Lights

  • shadow technique for local area lights
  • based on the generation of view independent point clouds from dynamic triangle meshes and the rendering of multiple depth maps simultaneously
  • proposes two different implementations
  • performance and quality comparison against PCSS (percentage closer soft shadows) and Multi-view rasterization (MVR)

Normals and the Inverse Transpose, Part 3: Grassmann On Duals

  • part 3 of the series about Grassmann for computer graphics
  • combines the concepts of bi-vectors / tri-vectors with dual vectors
  • explaining use cases

Even more compute shaders

  • explains how GPUs are able to execute multiple execution streams to hide memory latency
  • how the different workloads of CPU and GPU lead to differences in the design of caches

PIX 1807.19 – Shader Table Viewer

  • added support for visualizing the content of DirectX Raytracing shader tables
  • able to detect invalid data in the table and warn about it

Geometry Shader Adventures, Mesh Triangle to Particle

  • explanation of a geometry shader in Unity that converts a triangle mesh into camera facing quad particles

metal shaders: luminance

  • explains how to calculate luminance and a very brief overview of the human vision

metal shaders: color adjustments

  • look at image shaders that modify brightness, contrast, exposure, gamma or saturation using Metal

DF Retro H2O! Water Rendering: Wave Race 64, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D + Many More!

  • overview of water rendering starting from the early 90s to the early 2000s