Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 70 — January 27, 2019

Thanks for everyone who filled out the survey. I closed the survey. I am analyzing the results and will post them later this week.

New in D3D12 – DRED helps developers diagnose GPU faults

  • D3D12 adds support for DRED (device removed extended data) in the latest windows insider preview build
  • writes an auto-incrementing counter after each render-operation into memory that is persistent across device removed events
  • this allows the GPU progress to be inspected during post-mortem analysis
  • the overhead is around 2 to 5 % for a frame of a AAA game, therefore defaults to off and needs to be enabled explicitly
  • additionally allows better tracking of page faults
  • tries to detect access to recently deleted objects
  • shows the API to enable and how to use it to enable and inspect provided data

A Multiple-Scattering Microfacet Model for Real-Time Image Based Lighting

  • extension to real-time image based lighting models
  • adding support for multi-scattering shading using the precomputed integrals from single scattering models
  • accomplishes energy conversation
  • the paper derives the GGX approximation for 3 classes of objects (perfect reflectors, generic metals, and dielectrics)
  • presents comparisons against single scattering models in a furnace test

Enterprise PBR Shading Model

  • explains the PBR shading model
  • a combination of 3 BSDFs that allow expressing a large number of materials
  • including the derived formulas and illustrates the exposed parameters
  • user guide describes how to use the system and provides examples of the different effects that can be achieved

Raymarching Workshop Course

  • shader workshop that uses Shadertoy to teach raymarching techniques
  • the workshop starts with basic 2D shape marching
  • in the end explains how to define 3D scenes with support for lighting, gamma correction, shadows and materials with tri-planar texture mapping

Vulkan - GPU-Assisted Validation

  • latest Vulkan SDK version ( adds GPU assisted validation
  • validates at runtime that shaders are not accessing any descriptors out of bounds
  • this is achieved by adding instrumentation into the SPIR-V
  • the document explains the constraints of the layer, known issues and an overview of the implementation details

Re-reading An Introduction to Ray Tracing

  • the article discusses his favorite chapters and insights when looking back at the original “An Introduction to Ray Tracing” (book is now free) from today’s perspective
  • mentions which chapter are still relevant today and which information has not aged as well

Classical corner cases

  • list of common problems encountered when using Shadertoy and how to solve them
  • texel center issue, loading texture data, resolution changes, mipmap discontinuities

Khronos GDC 2019 - Activity Overview

  • list of sessions by Khronos and related talks that will be taking place during GDC this year

Technically Art: Issue 2 (25.01.2019)

  • issue 2 of weekly tech art series, contains a collection of twitter post showing interesting art and effects