Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 74 — February 24, 2019

Color Spaces

  • in-depth discussion of color spaces
  • shows how the color response curve influences which color absolute values are referring to
  • explains how to match colors between different color spaces
  • how to represent color spaces visually
  • what negative color values represent
  • defines the standard CIE XYZ and RGB color space and how they have been defined relative to human perception capabilities
  • look at the sRGB color space related to all the information covered in the article

Vulkan GPU - Assisted Validation

  • whitepaper explains how to enable GPU assisted validation
  • how it is implemented, performance implicatications
  • what issues it is a ble to detect and known problems

Thoughts on light culling: stream compaction vs flat bit arrays

  • walkthrough of two algorithms for forward culling techniques
  • stream compaction and flat bit arrays
  • presents how to implement scalarazation to reduce atomics overhead and achieve higher occupancy
  • presents performance comparisions of the approaches with lights and decals

texture level of detail strategies for real-time ray tracing

  • presents multiple approaches to calculate MIP mapping textures when using raytracing
  • includes performance comparisons for the different methods
  • DXR shader implementation of the RayCones mip selection algorithm

Enemy health bars in 1 draw call in Unity

  • explains how to use GPU instancing
  • to render health bars for individual objects

Scalable Ambient Obscurance for the Mathematically Uninclined

  • implementation walkthrough of the OpenGL Scalable Ambient Obscurance (SAO) algorithm

My take on shaders: Parallax effect (Part I)

  • shows how to implement a parallax effect in the pixel shader
  • allows the appearance of depth in materials that is not backed by actual geoemtry

Turing - Tensor Core Extension - VK_NV_cooperative_matrix

  • Vulkan extension that exposes NVIDIA Tensor Cores on Turing GPUs

[Video] MicroSplat StochasticTextureClusters

  • video, author presents his approach to reducing of tiling artifacts in terrain textures using a height based approach

Introduction to Convolution Integrals

  • great visual explanation of Convolution Integrals
  • many examples that allow to gain a visual understanding of filters commonly used in computer graphics

Thanks to Vivitsu Maharaja @vivitsum for support of this series.

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