Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 86 — May 26, 2019

Graphics Programming Weekly - Database

  • database with articles that were previously covered in Graphics Programming Weekly
  • central location that aims to make it easier to discover/rediscover graphics programming information

Google and Binomial Partner to Open-Source Basis Universal Texture Format

  • open source release of the Basis Universal texture codec
  • similar compression as .jpeg but allows textures to stay compressed on the GPU
  • transcode from a common format into compressed GPU formats at runtime

Technically Art: Issue 19 (24.05.2019)

  • collection of VFX tweets of the week
  • tutorials, demos, and showcases of great looking effects

GPU Lightmapper: A Technical Deep Dive

  • presents the GPU based light mapper implemented in Unity, based on Radeon Rays
  • how to design for GPU occupancy and efficient cache usage

frostbite hair rendering and simulation - part 1

  • overview videos of the hair rendering in Frostbite
  • later parts will contain details about the implementation

Approximating Global Illumination with Real-Time Ambient Occlusion

  • master thesis trying to answer if raytraced real-time ambient occlusion is a viable option for games
  • providing path tracing theory, an overview of implementation (Vulkan)
  • presents the theory behind ambient occlusion
  • comparison for performance and quality with existing real-time techniques

Understanding the Need for Adaptive Temporal Antialiasing (ATAA)

  • proposed antialiasing technique combines rasterization with ray tracing
  • uses ray tracing to collect extra samples when information from previous frames is not available
  • run FXAA on the fast moving parts on the edges of the screen to reduce cost

Boost rendering performance with Variable Rate Shading | Game Developers Conference 2019

  • Microsoft GDC 2019 presentation about variable rate shading (VRS)
  • presents the history of techniques and what problems VRS is designed to solve
  • how VRS works
  • introduction into the API
  • how it performs on Intel hardware
  • results by Firaxis in Civilization

unreal fest europe 2019

  • presentation video recordings have been released
  • a large variety of topics are covered
  • VFX, modern rendering features for 2D games, layer materials, raytracing, color management, Vulkan and many more

direct delta mush skinning and variants

  • a new skinning algorithm that removes the need for iterative calculations from delta mush skinnings
  • the algorithm aims to reduce the manual skinning requirements
  • quality comparison against existing skinning techniques

Multi-GPU Rendering with Vulkan API

  • a master thesis that demonstrates how to use multiple GPUs with Vulkan
  • comparison of sharing work by dividing the screen or recomposition of rendering results

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