Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 88 — June 9, 2019

Triangles Are Precious - Let's Treat Them With Care

  • the presentation explains the stages a triangle is passing through while being processed for rendering
  • starts with a brief look at the software layers
  • provides more details on lower-level hardware layers

OS Variable Refresh Rate

  • Windows Version 1903 adds a new variable refresh rate option
  • enable VRR in older D3D11 games if the hardware supports it

3D Game Rendering 101

  • beginner level explanation of the rendering pipeline for games
  • explains how game worlds are defined, and models are converted into something that can be seen on the screen

Pipeline Management

  • explains what a Vulkan pipeline cache is, why developers want to use it
  • presents best-practices

Advances in Rendering, Graphics Research and Video Game Production

  • keynote from I3D presenting the challenges modern open world games such as FarCry need to solve
  • presents an in-depth case study for Multiscattering BRDFs & Area Lights
  • research investigation, implementation combinations with other techniques

Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination Part I

  • part 1 of article series about Global Illumination
  • overview of terms and concepts required to understand Global Illumination solutions

Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination with Ray-Traced Irradiance Fields

  • a paper about Dynamic Diffuse Global Illumination solution
  • builds on the terms explained in the previous article
  • presents an overview of the problems the technique tries to solve
  • provides implementation details

Tips and Tricks: Vulkan Dos and Don’ts

  • collection of best practices and pitfalls when using Vulkan on Nvidia hardware
  • many of the guidelines should apply to other hardware manufacturers too

Visualizing Warping Strategies for Sampling Environment Map Lights

  • the article presents a comparison between two different sampling strategies for environment maps
  • tested on three environment maps with very different characteristics

optimising a aaa vulkan title on desktop

  • presents an overview of what requirements need to be met on AMD to enable color compression on render targets
  • and what causes DCC to be disabled
  • look at barriers and copy queue usage

Make Your Game Friendly for Graphics Debugging and Optimization

  • presentation with a collection of options and debug modes that help with debugging
  • provide a safe mode to disable optimizations and use API validation layers
  • overview of tools available and APIS to add more debug information

Thanks to Max R.R. Collada for support of this series.

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