Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 92 — July 7, 2019

Spectral Primary Decomposition for Rendering with sRGB Reflectance

  • the paper presents a new technique that allows the generation of spectral data from sRGB source data

A Simple Spectral Renderer

  • open source and well-commented implementation of a spectral path tracer
  • provides support for the previously discussed technique

[video] Turn your Frame Rate up to 60 with Vulkan on the Nintendo Switch: – Reboot Develop Blue 2019

  • Vulkan techniques used to achieve better performance on the Nintendo Switch
  • how to measure performance using timestamps

[video] Halcyon: Rapid innovation using modern graphics – Reboot Develop 2019

  • video recording of talk about the SEED halyon engine, was discussed in issue-65

geometry processing in the wild

  • slides that present common problems with mesh data
  • what problems geometry processing algorithms need to support
  • possible solutions to a few common problems

HLSLexplorer 1.01 - UI improvements and D3D12 rendering backend

  • HLSLexplorer, a tool which helps in understanding how HLSL code gets translated to hardware assembly
  • added support for D3D12 preview and other quality of life improvements

Interactive Map Shader: Vertex Displacement

  • part 1 of a Unity tutorial that shows how to create 3D geometry offset from a texture and corresponding heightmap

Technically Art: Issue 25 (05.07.2019)

  • collection of VFX tweets of the week
  • tutorials, demos, and showcases of great looking effects

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