Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 95 — July 28, 2019

Are we done with Ray Tracing?

  • slides for Siggraph 2019 course
  • talking about the state of ray-tracing
  • state-of-the-art in hardware and software developments
  • provides a history and vision of where ray-tracing in games is going to develop

Chasing Triangles in a Tile-based Rasterizer

  • the detailed article explains how to tile-based rasterization works
  • show how to implement rasterization using this design
  • includes SSE and multithreaded implemenation

siggraph course: path tracing in production 2019

  • course notes for the Siggraph 2019 course
  • part 1 focuses on the necessary background knowledge provide an insight into movie production requirements and mathematical foundation

  • part 2 focuses on materials (acquisition and production requirements) showing practical efforts, achievements and problems encountered

Alpha Compositing

  • the article discusses the foundations of alpha compositing
  • explains the different compositing operations
  • show how to use pre-multiplied alpha to eliminate common problems
  • explanation of filtering, interpolation, blend modes, and additive blending

Technically Art: Issue 27 (26.07.2019)

  • collection of VFX tweets of the week
  • tutorials, demos, and showcases of great looking effects

Differences in memory management between Direct3D 12 and Vulkan

  • the article discusses memory management in Vulkan and D3D12
  • shows differences in API and exposed features
  • discussion resource allocation, mapping, cache invalidation, memory budgets, and resource residency

Fresnel Equations Considered Harmful

  • presents problems with the Fresnel equations when applied to sRGB data
  • model is only accurate when the parameters are carefully selected
  • comparison against the Schlick model
  • offers an extension of the Schlick model for more accuracy and control

Shadertoy media files

  • the article contains the links to the build-in Shadertoy media files
  • useful when implementing an effect based on reference found on Shadertoy

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