Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 97 — September 8, 2019

Engineering Career Guide [LEAKED]

  • guide by Roblox for the career development of rendering engineers
  • what jobs are required, how to learn and personally take control of directed development

Watch the Unity Graphics Sessions from SIGGRAPH 2019

  • summary and links to the video recordings from Unity talks at SIGGRAPH 2019

D3D12 Memory Allocator 1.0.0

  • the first release of a new open-source D3D12 memory allocator project by AMD

My take on shaders: Water Shader

  • a walkthrough that explains a Unity water shader implementation
  • the shader is designed to be easy to use, control and extend

The Sharpening Curse

  • the article discusses the image quality difference between film and realtime rendering
  • presents that games are overly sharp and what future developments might look like

hybrid screen-space reflections

  • the article presents a hybrid technique between Screen space reflections and ray-traced reflections
  • shows comparisons between the two methods, differences, strengths, and weaknesses

Raw OpenGL

  • OpenGL tutorial that teaches the concepts required to render a textured mesh

DirectXShaderCompiler - prebuild releases

  • Microsoft is now offering pre-built binaries of the shader compiler on GitHub

Faster Shadow Rays on RTX

  • the article presents different techniques to generate ray traced shadows
  • compares the performance of using Any Hit, Closest Hit or Miss Shader to determine if the ray has been occluded

Path Tracing Review

  • intro to computer graphics from University of Waterloo summarized in one slide deck

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