Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 104 — October 27, 2019

srgb eotf: pure gamma 2.2 function or piece-wise function?

  • the article presents the different meaning of the term gamma in different color contexts
  • suggest to always use a piece-wise sRGB function

Flow Control on PowerVR – Optimising Shaders

  • presents an overview of the difference between static and dynamic branching
  • dynamic is a lot more expensive of PowerVR hardware
  • shows examples of problematic cases with dynamic branching
  • presents an extension that can be used to make the dynamic branch a lot more performant if all threads agree on a condition

Another Metaballs2 update

  • introduction of marching cube pre-pass stage reduces the mesh shader example GPU time by 33% to 50%

Technically Art: Issue 40 (25.10.2019)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Mesh Texture painting in Unity Using Shaders

  • the author presents his solution on how to implement painting onto textures using unity
  • intersects mouse position with meshes, converting into UV space to be able to apply painting information using signed distance fields

A Look Inside D3D12 Resource State Barriers

  • the article presents the D3D12 resource state promotion and decay rules related to the common resource state
  • mentions the AssertResourceState debug API that can be used to validate resource state promotion/decay behavior
  • explains the ExecuteCommandLists behavior concerning resource states

GPU Ray Tracing in an Afternoon

  • the article presents how the author took the CPU implementation of Ray Tracing in a Weekend and converted it to run on the GPU using a GLSL implementation

RLSL - A rust to SPIR-V compiler

  • a brief presentation by Embark Studios showing RLSL, a subset of rust compiled to SPIR-V
  • experimental stage
  • showing how/what it is currently implemented, vision for the future
  • presents examples of how shaders are implemented
  • integration into the rust ecosystem

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