Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 103 — October 20, 2019

Vulkan Mobile Best Practice: Picking the Most Efficient Load/Store Operations

  • the article describes how the architecture of mobile GPUs is different from PC
  • shows why load/store operations have a significant impact on mobile
  • present a demo application to profile the various load and store operation

Raw DirectX 12

  • the tutorial shows the steps necessary to render a single triangle using the D3D12 API

Raw WebGL

  • the tutorial shows the steps necessary to render a triangle in WebGL using Typescript

Massively Parallel Path Space Filtering in Game Development

  • excerpt of Siggraph 2019 talk that proposes averaging of neighboring rays into cells
  • using a jittered access + filtering to remove artifacts of discretization

Radeon™ GPU Analyzer 2.3 for Direct3D® 12 Graphics

  • the article shows how to use the Radeon GPU Analyzer to generate hardware native ISA disassembly, provide resource and register usage statistics


  • the article describes a demo scene effect that uses a 2D height map on a flat 2D shaded object to simulate the appearance of 3D voxels

Handling Depth for Spheretracing

  • next part of tutorial series shows how to extend a sphere tracing implementation in Unity to use the depth buffer correctly
  • shows the necessary shader state changes and how to calculate custom depth output in a pixel shader

GGX Derivation

  • the article presents the derivation of the GGX BRDF

A Journey Into Journey’s Sand Shader

  • part 1 of a Unity tutorial series about the sand rendering in Journey
  • show visually the contribution of the different shading components

Thanks to Michael Riegger for support of this series.

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