Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 113 — December 29, 2019

Two Shader Compilers of Direct3D 12

  • the article shows the two different shader compilers for D3D12: the FXC and DXC compiler
  • presents a high-level overview of the compiler
  • how to compile shaders from DLL vs. command line and other relevant information on the usage

Height Maps & Parallaxing

  • the article explains the parallax effect and how it’s different from normal mapping
  • afterward shows how to extend a Unit surface shader to support parallax

A new tessellator

  • the article describes the algorithm rewire of a vector to triangle mesh tesselator written in Rust
  • focuses on the discussion of precision issues, fill rules and custom vertex attributes

Thermal/ Stealth Vision Effect

  • the Unity tutorial shows how to implement a thermal view effect
  • implemented as offscreen rendering and the result is blended with the main pass

Technically Art: Issue 49 (27.12.2019)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Procedural Generation - Unity3d Procedurally Generation For Beginners With Random Inspector Options

  • A unity video tutorial that shows how to generate a circle procedurally
  • additionally shows how to deform the circle, apply different line width and other modification

Roblox graphics APIs 2019 - What does the future hold?

  • an updated article that presents the latest numbers and what APIs Roblox is currently supporting
  • nearly 50% of android users are now using the Vulkan backend
  • looking into dropping D3D9 support on Windows soon

Thanks to Aras Pranckevičius for support of this series.

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