Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 114 — January 05, 2020

Physically based shading references, at the end of 2019

  • collection of resources covering physically based shading
  • a short summary for every source is provided

Toon Glass Shader Breakdown

  • the Unity tutorial shows to create a toon style glass shader using shader graph

The polygons of Another World

  • the article shows how the 1991 game Another World is being rendered
  • the game is using a 16-bit color palette, with a static background runtime cache and composited from an off-screen target

How to Optimize your Oculus Quest App w/ RenderDoc: Walkthroughs of Key Usage Scenarios and Optimization Tips Part 1

  • the article shows a collection of usage scenarios and explains what should be done for best performance
  • shows how to use RenderDoc to verify the behavior

Draw Anti-aliased Lines with Geometry Shader

  • the article shows how to render anti-aliased lines
  • expanding lines in the geometry shaders into quads and fading out the lines towards the edges of the quad

Journey Sand Shader: Specular Reflection

  • part 4 of sand rendering tutorial
  • adds support for Rim Lighting, Fresnel Reflectance, and a secondary specular highlight

Simulated Exposure Fusion

  • the paper extends the Exposure Fusion technique to operate on a single image
  • the method aims to enhance the contrast in an image locally

Tile-based optimization for post processing

  • the article presents a tile-based classification system for post-processing depth of field
  • DispatchIndirect is then used to execute only the required functionality
  • the post shows how the classification, stream compaction, and final execution is implemented

Technically Art: Issue 50 (03.01.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Applying For Technical Art Jobs

  • the article provides an overview of the technical artist role
  • the author shows different specializations and offers recommendations for skills required
  • additionally includes general information about the application process

Thanks to Jan-Harald Fredriksen for support of this series.

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