Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 115 — January 12, 2020

Clustered shading evolution in Granite

  • the article shows an overview of deferred shading techniques
  • alternative structures and methods for optimizations are presented
  • using compute shader for conservative rasterization for spot and sphere lights

Radeon™ GPU Profiler 1.7

  • new release of AMD profiler that introduces a new pipeline overview view and adds new overlays for the wave occupancy view

How to Optimize your Oculus Quest App w/ RenderDoc: Walkthroughs of Key Usage Scenarios and Optimization Tips Part 2

  • the article shows how to use RenderDoc to identify issues and how to alleviate them
  • most advice is not Occulus specific and talks about shader complexity, LOD, culling, and empty draws

Inverse Lerp and Remap

  • a short Unity tutorial that explains inverse lerp function
  • a function that given value in an input range returns a normalized 0-1 value
  • additionally shows how to combine lerp and inverse lerp to allow range remapping

NVIDIA VRSS, a Zero-Effort Way to Improve Your VR Image Quality

  • the latest Nvidia driver update introduce Variable Rate Supersampling for D3D11 + MSAA applications
  • driver side implementation that allows games to render with higher quality in the center of the screen
  • the article presents and compares MSAA and SSAA

[video] Shader Coding: Over the Moon - Part 2

  • the second part of a shadertoy video tutorial
  • the tutorial extends the scene to render multiple parallax layers of mountain ranges
  • how to draw a moon

[video] Deriving the SDF of a Line Segment

  • this video tutorial shows how to derive the signed distance field for a line segment

Journey Sand Shader: Glitter Reflection

  • next part in Unity tutorial series about the rendering of sand
  • adds support for sparkling based on microfacets based on a texture with precomputed random values

Mip Map Folding

  • a brief summary of mipmapping
  • shows how mipmapping causes details in glitter effect of sand to be lost in the distance
  • proposes a manual mipmapping strategy where the texture coordinates are adjusted to keep a constant texel density

outline shader

  • the article presents how to write an outline shader for Unity
  • uses color, normal and depth information
  • implemented as a post-processing effect

Alpha to Coverage or Anti-Aliased Cutout - TUTORIAL

  • the Unity tutorial shows how alpha to coverage allows improved edges on vegetation
  • how to implement alpha to coverage into a shader
  • shows how to adjust mipmap calculation to preserve small details with this method

Vulkan hardware database feature update

  • update to Vulkan database shows the first driver version an extension/feature has been introduced
  • a more natural way to compare extension support across different platforms

Raw WebGPU

  • the article shows how to use the WebGPU API to implement everything required to render a colored triangle
  • this includes shader loading, mesh creation and command generation

How to learn graphics programming (but not in a hurry): self-study edition!

  • Twitter thread about the authors’ recommendations about learning graphics programming

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