Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 117 — February 2, 2020

Separate your filters! Separability, SVD and low-rank approximation of 2D image processing filters

  • the article presents the basics of Singular Value Decomposition
  • shows how to use the concept to check if filters are separable and if not how it helps with approximations

Volumetric Clouds Resources List

  • a collection of articles, presentations and other resources covering volumetric cloud rendering

Building WebGPU with Rust

  • the presentation provides an overview of the development of WebGPU
  • presents a few API examples regarding how to use the API from Rust
  • additionally offers a solution to prevent the spreading of generics required by the API

2D Sprite Overlay Effects

  • short Unity tutorial that shows how to use sprites to simulate screenspace effects such as distortion and color shifts

Baked Light Light Maps and Probes

  • the tutorial shows how light baking is implemented in Unity
  • shows how to integrate lightmaps and light probes into a custom render pipeline
  • replace the default surface model during baking with a custom model

Optimizing Game Development with GPU Performance Events

  • the article presents Do’s and Don’ts for the use of GPU performance events
  • shows how to write performance event with D3D11, D3D12, Vulkan, and OpenGL

Color Banding

  • the article describes what color banding is and what causes it
  • presents a demo application that shows how dithering can help to reduce banding

World space UVs & Triplanar Mapping

  • the Unity tutorial shows how WorldSpace positions can be used to texture planar object
  • extends these ideas to show tri-planar mapping can be used to texture arbitary meshes

Vulkan: Bad Practices

  • the article presents several Vulkan patterns that cause reduced performance and should be avoided

Progressive Least-Squares Encoding for Linear Bases

  • the paper presents a GPU compatible algorithm for processive approximation least-square encoding into linear bases

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