Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 142 — July 26, 2020

Vulkan synchronisation and graphics-compute-graphics hazards: Part I

  • the article presents an overview of Vulkan barriers and shows how different barriers influence a PowerVR chip’s ability to overlap work

Vulkan synchronisation and graphics-compute-graphics hazards: Part 2

  • the second part of the series presents how to overlap work from two consecutive frames by submitting each frame to its own queue

using embree generated BVH trees for GPU raytracing

  • the blog post presents how to use the Intel Embree library to generate a BVH tree for use with a GPU raytracer
  • offers performance and memory comparisons for the different quality modes available

Retro Renderman: shading food for ‘ratatouille’

  • the article present how the food in ‘Ratatouille’ was shaded based on the skin model
  • using a subsurface scattering approximation on a voxel grid
  • artists were given much control over the final more stylized appearance

Sprite Outlines

  • the Unity tutorial explains how to add an outline to a 2D sprite
  • implemented using 8 extra texture samples around the shading point
  • additional presents a way to make the outline size independent of the sprite size

Technically Art: Issue 61 (24.07.2020)

  • collection of tweets related to VFX, shaders, and game art

Compute Shader

  • the Unity tutorial explains how to create basic compute shaders
  • shows how to use a compute shade to generate random positions in a sphere and use these position from the CPU to render meshes

Passing Particle System Data into Shadergraph (Custom Vertex Streams)

  • This Unity tutorial shows how to pass data from the Shuriken Particle System to the particle shader

Fundamentals of the Vulkan Graphics API: Why Rendering a Triangle is Complicated

  • the article provides a high-level explanation of the Vulkan API concepts required to render a single triangle on the screen
  • contains well-documented example implementations to clarify some ideas through code examples

Unreal Engine Sky Atmosphere Rendering Technique

Why Not Use Heterogeneous Multi-GPU?

  • the blog posts list a few possible drawbacks that need to be considered if a mix of dedicated GPU and integrated GPU is supposed to be used in a single application

Quick Game Art Tip - Sprite/UI Color Mask

  • a small shader example that shows that texture channels can be reserved to allow objects to change color dynamically at runtime

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