Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 152 — October 4, 2020

[video] Beautiful Results From 30 Years Of Light Transport Simulation!

  • the video shows the history of light transport techniques and presents how they perform in complex test cases
  • leading up to “Specular Manifold Sampling for Rendering High-Frequency Caustics and Glints” and how it makes aims to make state of the art a more accessible

I3D 2020

  • links to the papers from I3D 2020
  • the winners for best-award are “Passthrough+: Real-time Stereoscopic View Synthesis for Mobile Mixed Reality”, “Local Optimization for Robust Signed Distance Field Collision” and “Real-Time Stochastic Lightcuts”

[video] Variance-Aware Path Guiding (SIGGRAPH 2020 presentation)

  • SIGGRAPH 2020 presentation that provides an overview of Variance-Aware Path Guiding
  • paper proposes to treat the problem as an error minimization problem using relMSE ( relative mean squared error )
  • shows existing techniques that could be improved from the proposed solution

Grass Shader

  • the blog post discusses the development of a GPU based grass rendering system
  • provides an overview of the approach taken and provides videos for the different stages of implementation

[video] Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 Ray Tracing Analysis - The Challenge of RT in First-Gen Games

  • the video shows the Ray Tracing implementation and uses it to explain the considerations when designing a raytracing solution
  • explains the steps raytracing requires and how changes in each step influence the total reflection budget

Yet Another Stylised Water Shader

  • breakdown shows how a Stylised Water Shader was implemented in Unity
  • the post focuses on the overall look -presents the different layers of the technique and what these contribute to the final look of the water

Scaling Probe-Based Real-Time Dynamic Global Illumination for Production

  • the paper presents extensions to the probe based irradiance-field-with-visibility representation
  • These extensions include a self-shadow bias, introduction of heuristics to speed transitions, re-use for recursive glossy reflection, probe state machines as well as multiresolution cascaded volumes

sRGB/ACEScg Luminance Comparison

  • the blog post presents a comparison between the usage of different color spaces on the results of path tracing
  • compare Rec709 and ACEScg color space, providing the mathematical approximations for the color conversions required

Color Grading Playing with Colors

  • the 13ths part of the scriptable render pipeline tutorial explains how to add color grading to the Unity pipeline
  • presents several techniques to adjust the visual look of the scene
  • shows different color space, how to convert them, and optimize the conversion steps with LUTs

System Value Semantics in Compute Shaders - Cheat Sheet

  • the article presents a table of HLSL and GLSL compute shader semantics and how they the meanings maps between local and global references

New Tutorial – Unified Radeon™ GPU Profiler and Radeon™ Memory Visualizer usage with Radeon™ Developer Panel 2.1

  • tutorial explains the new unified AMD interface for the GPU Profiler Memory Visualizer
  • shows how to use the different workflows

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