Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 156 — November 8, 2020

Generating meshes procedurally in Unity

  • the post explains how to generate a procedural mesh
  • describes how to approach the development of an algorithm, provides a list of common mistakes
  • lists advice on how to debug procedural mesh generation issues

Vulkan Ecosystem & SDK Survey - 2020

  • Vulkan survey to gather information about user experience, platform support, and future developments

[video] Procedural Water Ripples in Unity using Shader Graph Only

  • a Unity video tutorial that shows how to implement a water ripple effect

Linear Algebra Shenanigans: Gizmo Repair

  • the article presents how to resolve issues with movement widget logic
  • starts with an explanation of the problematic cases
  • shows how extra debug visualization helps to understand the 3D problems to simplify debugging

[video] SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 – Technical Papers Trailer

  • overview of technical papers that will be presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

Normalizing the Phong Specular BRDFs

  • the paper presents an energy normalization derivation of the Phong lighting model
  • provides a C++ implementation of the technique

Projective Geometric Algebra

  • collection of resources by Eric Lengyel covering geometric algebra (this includes Grassmann algebra)
  • mathematical model incorporates many common concepts (including homogeneous coordinates, quaternions) into a consistent model

Compute Shaders Rendering One Million Cubes

  • the article explains how to use a compute shader to render moving cubes
  • explains the basics of compute shaders and presents
  • presents how to use the Unity profiler to validate the performance

A summer sprint: bringing near-native performance to Zink

  • the blog post presents an overview of the development progress of Zink(OpenGL on Vulkan layer)
  • able to achieve 95% performance of native OpenGL in the Unigine Heaven

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