Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 173 — March 7, 2021

Crash Course in BRDF Implementation

  • the extensive article provides an overview explaining BRDFs
  • shows the derivation of many standard models used in rasterization and ray tracing applications
  • explains the different terms and offers many sources for even more information
  • source code is also provided


  • videos and slides from SIGGRAPH 2020 presentations by Naughty Dog
  • low-level optimizations, volumetric effects, the technical art, and lighting technology of the Last of Us Part 2

Vulkan SDK Offers Developers a Smooth Transition Path to Synchronization2

  • the blog post presents an overview of improvements of Synchronization2
  • presents a path to upgrading to the new extension
  • using an incremental approach and relying on a new layer that translates Synchronization2 API calls to Synchronization1 (if required)

New game changing Vulkan extensions for mobile: Timeline Semaphores

  • the article presents an overview of Vulkan timeline semaphores
  • presents the problems with VkSemaphore
  • shows what new uses cases timeline semaphores enable


Principal Graphics Programmer

(Farnborough, Hampshire, UK)

nDreams is an award-winning independent developer and publisher, delivering world-leading interactive virtual reality experiences. We recently launched Phantom: Covert Ops, a stealth action game redefined for VR, and we couldn’t be more proud of what the team have achieved. We are seeking a Principal Graphics Programmer to join our growing team and help build the systems that let our artists and designers breathe life in to the VR experiences we create. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next …

Ray Traversal of OpenVDB Frustum Grids

  • the paper presents an incremental approach for the traversal OpenVDB frustum grids
  • explains the difference between frustum grids and uniform grids
  • shows how to deal with the non-linearity of frustums

[video] Differentiable Material Synthesis Is Amazing!

  • the video provides a high-level overview of differential rendering papers
  • presents papers that can generate material graphics from reference photos

[video] Nioh 2 DLSS Analysis: AI Upscaling's Toughest Test Yet?

  • video comparison of DLSS 2.0 against a native 4k rendering
  • presents visual quality differences
  • additionally offers why Mip biasing is required when rendering at sub-resolutions

Computing gradients on grids of pixels and voxels – forward, central, and… diagonal differences

  • the post presents an overview of what gradients are, what they are used for
  • presents standard methods with cons and pros for each
  • additionally offers a look at the Frequency analysis of differences

FXAA Fast approXimate Anti-Aliasing

  • the tutorial shows how to implement FXAA into a Unity custom scriptable render pipeline
  • explains the different components that define FXAA
  • presents the effects of controllable settings and how they affect visual quality and performance

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