Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 174 — March 14, 2021

[video] Shading the World of Anthem

  • the video for the GDC 2019 talk has been released
  • the talk presents a walkthrough of how the lava, weather, water effects were created
  • shows what references were collected, identified key steps that need to be replicated and how it was implemented into Frostbite

Fitting cubic Bézier curves

  • the blog posts discusses an approach for efficiently fitting bezier curves to an existing technique
  • presents prior art, distance metrics, as well as a novel approach that allows curve fitting to be done more efficiently

[video] Unity Basics: Triangle Winding, Culling Modes & Double Sided Materials

  • the Unity video tutorial explains triangle winding order, how it connects to culling
  • presents how to adjust the culling mode in the different Unity rendering pipeline
  • how to set up double-sided meshes


Principal Graphics Programmer

(Farnborough, Hampshire, UK)

nDreams is an award-winning independent developer and publisher, delivering world-leading interactive virtual reality experiences. We recently launched Phantom: Covert Ops, a stealth action game redefined for VR, and we couldn’t be more proud of what the team have achieved. We are seeking a Principal Graphics Programmer to join our growing team and help build the systems that let our artists and designers breathe life in to the VR experiences we create. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next …

The Rendering of Jurassic World: Evolution

  • the article presents a frame breakdown of Jurassic World, a forward D3D11 based tiled forward renderer
  • covers grass movement, Tiled Forward Lighting, Atmospheric effects, Reflections, Shadows, AO, rain, temporal effects
  • additionally offers insights into post effects and TAA (temporal antialiasing)

Visual debugging and profiling

  • the article presents an overview of the new debugging features in SHADERed
  • shows undefined behavior detector, variable inspectors, global breakpoint views
  • additionally presents a heatmap view of SPIR-V instructions executed

OpenGL on DirectX: Conformance & upstreaming of the D3D12 driver

  • the article provides an overview of the state of OpenGL on D3D12; it’s now used to run OpenGL applications on ARM windows
  • provides insights into the problems when implementing APIs on top of existing API layers

Making a Shading Language for my Offline Renderer

  • the blog post presents an overview of the custom shading language design for an offline renderer
  • the author presents the motivation behind the project, the design decisions, and an overview of the implementation
  • main building block of the language is similar to OSL (open shading language)

shadertoy - Advanced tricks

  • the blog post shows a number of tricks for shadertoy development
  • covers signal difference aware subsampling, Smart Gaussian blur as well as mipmap generation

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development - Free Online

  • introductory math book released for free in updated form from the original release
  • focused on providing thorough coverage on fundamental 3D concepts

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