Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 204 - October 10, 2021

Gentle Introduction to Realtime Fluid Simulation for Programmers and Technical Artists

  • the articles provides a beginner friendly introduction into fluid simulation
  • starts by developing the readers intuituin and improves from the natural solution
  • additionally includes advice on a number of topics such as caustics, reflections, and boudnary handling

GPU BCn decoding

  • the article explains how BC format encodind differs between hardware vendors
  • presents how AMD, Nvidia and Intel implemented the logic

Improving GPU Memory Oversubscription Performance

  • the post presents an overview of the performance characteristics for nvida applications related to memory oversuscription
  • shows how different access paterns influence
  • comparing a number of hints, allocation models and the influence on performance

[video] Specular Lighting in OpenGL

  • the video tutorial extends the Phong lighting model with the addition of specular lighting
  • explains the derivation of the specular model in a generic way
  • additonally shows how to implement the required functionallity using GLSL

Instanced Line Rendering Part II: Alpha blending

  • the article demonstrates how to implement line segment rendering so that the segments are not overlapping
  • WebGL implementation is provided

Ray Tracing versus Animation

  • the blog presents performance number for Bottom-level acceleration structure when using D3D12 raytracing with animated characters
  • compares nvidia, amd and metal timing in different scenarious

New Graphics Books, Fall 2021

  • collection of 5 new graphics programming books
  • fundamentals, Vulkan, OpenGL and a history of computer graphics book

Thanks to Neil Bickford for support of this series.

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