Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 207 - October 31, 2021

[video] SIGGRAPH 2021 Rendering Engine Architecture course

  • the videos for the excellent SIGGRAPH 2021 Rendering Engine Architecture course have been released
  • covering Unity / Roblox / Activision rendering architectures
  • as well as the Activision geometry rendering architecture

The curious case of slow raytracing on a high end gpu

  • the article shows that out of bounds access reduced rendering performance by 25x
  • shows how to use NSight Graphics to help investigate performance issues

Practical Gaussian filtering: Binomial filter and small sigma Gaussians

  • the article discusses the Binomial and Gaussians filter
  • presents what a Binomial filter is and how it compares against a gaussian
  • additionally provides details about how a Gaussian filter behaves with different kernel sizes

Advanced API Performance: Command Buffers

  • the article covers a few high-level points on how command buffers allow parallelization of CPU rendering work
  • provides best practices, and pitfalls to watch out for

Advanced API Performance: Memory and Resources

  • the blog post provides recommendations for memory management using D3D12 on
  • provides information on how to receive information about the available budget and manage residency
  • provides suggestions on which resource should be allocated together
  • additionally provides information on tiled resource usage

Advanced API Performance: Mesh Shaders

  • the article provides information about what practices are recommended for getting good mesh shader performance and what are not
  • additionally mentions how the Vulkan extension allows potentially less usage of shared memory

[video] How Link's eyebrows go over his hair - Quick Answer #shorts

  • short 1-minute video that explains how masking with disabled depth testing allows the eyebrows to be drawn above the hair at all times

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