Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 208 - November 7, 2021

New Quest Rendering Tech Promises Massive Gains in App Performance

  • summary of Occlulus Quest 2 Application SpaceWarp technology
  • technology that allows an application to render at half of the target frame rate and “upscale” to the target frame rate
  • uses the application provided depth, image buffers, and motion vectors to generate in-between frames

Shadow outlines tutorial

  • the Unity tutorial shows how to sample shadow maps and implement an edge detection filter
  • extending the concepts to show how to apply outline shadows

Stencil Portal in Unity — VFX Breakdown

  • the article explains how to implement a portal look into a separate world using stencil buffers for filtering
  • shows why the technique was used and how rendering passes have been structured
  • additionally covers other the aspects of the demo, such as the volumetric fog and candles

Technically Art: Issue 115 (05.11.2021)

  • weekly round-up of tweets from a large variety of technical art and VFX topics

My personal hell of translating DXIL to SPIR-V – part 3

  • the article presents the details of the D3D12 binding model and discusses the differences to Vulkan
  • presents a detailed look at all the possible binding possibilities
  • discussing problems, limitations, and how it maps to hardware

Working Around Constructors in HLSL (or lack thereof)

  • the article presents how constructor like functionality can be implemented in DXC HLSL
  • relies on variadic macros support in the compiler frontend

[video] Intro to Graphics 20 - Shadows & Reflections

  • class in introduction to computer graphic series focusing on shadows
  • explains the fundamental of shadow casting and presents practical implementation notes that are required for correct implementations
  • covers ray tracing and rasterization based implementations
  • shows the logic required for reflections and the derivations from the rendering equation
  • additionally covers a small discussion of the different ray types, names, and usages

[video] How Computers Draw Weird Shapes

  • the video tutorial explains how to implement metaball rendering
  • presents how to approach the approach to the problem and derive the final marching square solution
  • focusing on how to transform a problem into solvable sub-problems

[video] A Deep Dive into Nanite Virtualized Geometry

  • the video for the SIGGRAPH 2021 presentation about UE5 Nanite has been released
  • will explain how the mesh-based data structure is built, streamed, decompressed, culled, rasterized, and shaded


  • Vulkan extension that allows the use of render passes in Vulkan using a D3D12 style objectless model
  • already being reported as supported on first Nvidia drivers

[video] Spot lights in OpenGL

  • video tutorial explains the concepts of spotlights and develops a mathematical model to describe the effect
  • presents how to implement these concepts using GLSL and OpenGL

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