Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 209 - November 14, 2021

NVIDIA GTC: A Complete Overview of Nsight Developer Tools

  • provides an overview of the available Nvidia developer tools
  • includes a brief summary of each tool and references to further information

Streamlining Render Passes

  • the post summarizes the new VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering extension
  • enables Vulkan render passes without render pass or frame buffer objects

[video] Intro to Graphics 22 - Signal Processing

  • the video tutorial provides a beginner introduction to signal processing
  • starts the explaining with audio signals to clarify the concepts
  • afterward transfers the ideas onto raster images
  • presents how aliasing and image filters can be explained using signal processing concepts

[video] Jonathan Ragan Kelley: Organizing Computation for High-Performance Visual Computing

  • the talk presents a discussion of performance tradeoffs
  • proposes the idea that algorithms should be separated from how they are executed
  • introduces the halide language/compiler that decouples algorithms from the mapping onto hardware execution models

[video] (Ab)using RTX for Element Point Location

  • provides an explanation of point queries and why point queries on unstructured data is a lot more complex compared to grid-based data
  • the paper presents different methods to offload more work onto the RT cores with increasing complexity
  • shows memory and performance results on different hardware and test cases

Rendering text

  • the article provides a history of text rendering techniques
  • provides summaries and references of the presented techniques

[video] Rendering Lines in a Game Engine // Game Engine series

  • the video tutorial explains how to render lines using OpenGL
  • extends the techniques to draw oriented rectangles

Shaded vertex reuse on modern gpus

  • the article presents results comparing the vertex post-transform cache behavior on intel and Nvidia hardware
  • presents that they have very different behavior

Thanks to Manish Mathai for support of this series.

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