Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 210 - November 21, 2021

Adventures in Hybrid Rendering

  • the article presents an overview of the implementation for various techniques found to mix raytracing and rasterization
  • discussed the implementation of Spatiotemporal Variance-Guided Filtering for Denoising
  • show how to apply this for Soft Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Reflections, Indirect Lighting as well as a probe-based Global Illumination
  • presents optimization and quality improvement steps

Vulkan Pills 1: Bindless Textures

  • the article presents the quickest way to implement fully bindless shaders using Vulkan
  • shows how to implement the whole process from querying support, descriptor management as well as the shader side

Advanced Shading Techniques with Pixel Local Storage

  • the article shows how Pixel Local Storage can be used on ARM GPUs to implement Translucency and Order Independent Transparency
  • additionally presents the Shader Frame Buffer Fetch to allow access to the render target color and depth stencil from within an active pixel shaders

Getting started with Metal-cpp

  • the article presents the official C++ interface for Metal
  • shows how to integrate it into an application
  • additionally offers how to generate a single header version

How to Level Up Your Profiling With RenderDoc for Oculus

  • the article describes the RenderDoc fork for use with Oculus devices
  • presents what effects on performance the tool has
  • shows how to visualize tile usage and collect performance counters for application optimizations

Prefix sum on portable compute shaders

  • the author presents his experience trying to run a prefix sum sorting algorithms portably using WebGPU
  • discusses the limitations and issues encountered
  • explains what synchronization primitives are missing to allow the most efficient variation using WebGPU

From NVIDIA DLSS 2.3 To NVIDIA Image Scaling: NVIDIA’s Full Stack Of Scaling Solutions For Gamers

  • update on Nvidia scaling solutions
  • the NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK now provides an open-source spatial upscaler
  • can be used on hardware where Nvidia DLSS is not available
  • presents the Image Comparison & Analysis Tool that allows comparison of up to 4 images and videos

Jump flooding with bgfx

  • the article shows an example of implementing a flood filling algorithm using the BGFX abstraction library
  • provides a brief discussion of issues encountered in getting started with the library

Strange Attractors on the GPU, Part 1: Implementation

  • the article presents how to implement GPU particles with movement tails without CPU interaction
  • all particle simulations happen in pixel shaders, and results are copied into ring buffers expressed as rows of textures
  • implementation is provided using WebGL (regl)

How to draw styled rectangles using the GPU and Metal

  • the article presents how to render rectangles with rounded edges
  • shows the distance field based shader implementation using Metal
  • additionally covers anti-aliasing and gradient rendering

The Repackaged Windows Vulkan SDK

  • the Vulkan SDK has been repackaged and now separates between core and optional components

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