Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 213 - December 12, 2021

World-space spatiotemporal reservoir reuse for ray-traced global illumination

  • the paper presents a technique that performs reservoir-based spatiotemporal importance resampling in world space
  • caches in the cells of a hash grid built on the GPU along the path vertices

AMD GPUOpen - Publications

  • list of AMD research publications
  • contains papers starting in 2010

Godot Rendering Pipelines

  • the article shows how to write data into an offscreen target and process it in a full-screen pass
  • additionally provides a walkaround for missing multi-channel output

Enhanced Barriers

  • Microsoft released the spec for the Enhanced D3D12 barrier API
  • discusses the problems with the current API
  • presents how the new API resolves these problems, expected behavior as well as open issues

D3D12 Enhanced Barriers Preview

  • the blog post provides an introduction to the new enhanced barrier preview for D3D12
  • presents how developers can test the API at this time

Experimental Analysis of Multiple Scattering BRDF Models

  • the paper presents an analysis of multiple scattering BRDF models
  • shows the microfacet distribution function is most important for smooth materials
  • shadowing and masking term increases with roughness
  • shows how a mix of lambert and GGX can approximate a large number of materials

Announcing HLSL 2021

  • the article presents the new features released as part of the DXC update for December
  • added support for templates, overloadable operators, bitfield members for data types
  • additionally also introduces Operator Short-Circuiting as well

Announcing new DirectX 12 feature – Video Encoding!

  • the blog post presents the video encoding API that has been added to d3d12
  • supports H264 and HEVC
  • shows how the API exposes the hardware and fits into D3D12 design

Introduction to Tessellation in Metal

  • the article presents an overview of tesselation shaders
  • shows how to implement the necessary steps to implement drawing of a tesselated sphere using Metal

How to Build a Compute Rasterizer with WebGPU

  • the article presents how to implement 3D mesh rasterization in a WebGPU compute shader
  • additionally provides additional steps to get a better understanding of the implementation

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