Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 214 - December 19, 2021

Triangle Grid Triangles and Hexagons

  • the article presents alternative mesh structures to generate grid structures
  • shows why two-right angle triangles are problematic under motion transformation
  • discusses Rhombuses and Hexagons as alternatives

Rendering in Real Time with Spatiotemporal Blue Noise Textures, Part 1

  • the article introduces a technique and generated textures that enable the use of Spatiotemporal blue noise
  • the article discusses the importance of Spatiotemporal blue noise, presents comparisons against existing techniques
  • additionally presents several use cases for the presented technique

Rendering in Real Time with Spatiotemporal Blue Noise Textures, Part 2

  • the article discusses Spatiotemporal blue noise in more depth
  • showing best practices for several scenarios
  • additionally shows how to extend the provided blue noise texture for other use-cases

[video] Coding the Game of Life - Part II

  • the second part of the game of life shadertoy implementation focuses on the improvement of the visuals
  • additionally adds the ability to interact with the simulation using the mouse

[video] Pipelines and Stages - Inside Graphics, Compute, Ray Tracing Pipes - Vulkan Lecture Series, Ep. 5

  • the video of the Vulkan lecture series introduces the stages of the graphics, compute, and raytracing pipe using Vulkan
  • explains the stages, how the order is maintained as well as how the stages are essential for a correct understanding of synchronization
  • providing an overview of the new Synchronization2 system in Vulkan and how it differs from the previous iteration

Frickin' Shaders With Frickin' Laser Beams

  • the author presents the design for a composable GLSL system based on the idea of closure
  • discusses the difference of binding models, how to connect CPU and GPU components in a composable system
  • shows how the runtime being aware of all GPU data enables rendering only if any data changes could generate a different image

How to Read Research Papers: A Pragmatic Approach for ML Practitioners

  • the article discusses advice for new research on how to effectively read research papers
  • written from the perspective of machine learning, but the lessons apply to computer graphics as well

Technically Art: Issue 118 (18.12.2021)

  • a collection of tweets covering a large variety of tech art topics such as
  • interior mapping, shading for 2d games, VFX showcases, as well as a rule-based terrain texturing system

Modern (Bindless) Sprite Batch for Vulkan (and more!)

  • the article describes how to use a Vulkan bindless setup for 2D sprite batching
  • presents how to pass the necessary texture index into the shaders
  • shows the importance of nonuniform qualifier at texture sample time
  • additionally presents how to integrate the technique into imGUI

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