Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 227 - March 20, 2022

[video] HOW TO DEBUG Your OpenGL Code

  • the video tutorial provides a starting guide to OpenGL debugging
  • starts by covering CPU side error detection and apitrace (capturing tool for all API calls)
  • additionally provides a collection of helpful tips to apply when trying to debug GPU side issues

Transforming “noise” and random variables through non-linearities

  • the article recaps the effects of linear transformations of random variables
  • describes three different methods of estimating the effects of nonlinearities on mean and variance/standard deviation
  • shows practically how color spaces can affect the behavior of operations such as blurs

[video] Live Coding an Alien Orb - God Rays & Translucency

  • video tutorial presents a walkthrough of implementing volumetric god rays and subsurface scattering into a shadertoy
  • all presented techniques are based on SDF rendering of a 3D sphere orb-like structure

PIX-2203.07: Support for DirectStorage

  • the new release of Pix supports DirectStorage visualization on the timelines
  • article shows what is supported and how it’s represented in the UI

DirectStorage API Now Available on PC

  • Microsft has released the first public version of DirectStorage
  • the release contains the API and basic simples about the usage of the API

How to add thousands of lights to your renderer and not die in the process

  • the article presents an introduction into Reservoir-based Spatio-Temporal Importance Resampling
  • shows the basics of the technique building on the ideas of Resampled Importance Sampling
  • clarifies how reservoirs work and how reservoirs can be intelligently combined to allow the sampling of large light counts with bounded performance impact

[video] Interactive Graphics 17 - Geometry Shaders

  • the video course provides an understanding of the geometry shaders’ capabilities
  • reviews the OpenGL primitives and presents the new adjacency types added for primitive shaders
  • shows how to use the GS from GLSL
  • additionally shows examples of Geometry Shader usage

[video] Toon Shader Paint - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 38

  • the video tutorial explains how to implement toon shading
  • presents multiple approaches on how to achieve the desired look
  • technique implementation is shown using visual scripting in Unity and UE4

[video] Interactive Graphics 18 - Tessellation Shaders

  • the video tutorial covering Tessellation shaders
  • explains how vertex count can be the bottleneck of the GPU pipeline and how tessellation can solve the problem
  • shows how tesselation shaders are integrated into the rendering pipeline and how they are used from GLSL and OpenGL
  • additionally presents a few examples of tessellation shader usage

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