Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 228 - March 27, 2022

Raytraced global illumination denoising

  • the article provides an overview of a denoising solution for raytraced global illumination based on the findings of Metro: Exodus
  • presents how to improve temporal accumulation through blue noise and geometry aware blurs
  • it additionally sounds how the ambient occlusion term can be used for further improvement

Rendering realtime caustics

  • the article discusses a method for a simple non-PBR method to implement underwater caustics
  • implementation uses a projection volume for multiple tiling textures
  • code examples are provided using Unity

Skybox tutorial part 1

  • the article presents a walkthrough of the implementation of a complete skybox model, including time of day, moon, sun, and stars
  • it additionally shows how to integrate support for lunar and solar eclipses
  • the implementation of the sky colors is implemented as a function of the sun position to sample multiple gradients

Announcing Vulkan Memory Allocator 3.0.0 and Direct3D 12 Memory Allocator 2.0.0

  • the article describes a large number of changes and improvements made to the AMD and Vulkan Memory allocator
  • the changes include new allocation algorithms, improved statics, support for custom pools as well as support for defragmentation
  • additionally, the allocator can now be used when sub-allocating from a single large buffers resource

AMD - GDC2022

  • a collection of slides and videos from AMDs talk at GDC 2020
  • covering raytracing, FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, game rendering effects as well as CPU optimization advice

1.3 Vulkan Loader Improvements

  • Vulkan loader has been improved with more debugging capabilities and improved documentation
  • additionally improved the testing framework to ensure more consistent behavior across layers

WebGPU and Graphics on the Web

  • podcast discussing the development and design of WebGPU
  • talks about the restrictions, design goals, and how it fits into the broader graphics ecosystem

Intel at the 2022 Game Developers Conference

  • the page contains links to the presentations (slides and video) to the talks given by Intel at GDC 2022
  • covering upscaling, optimizations, VRS, machine learning as well as optimization advice

NVIDIA Hopper Architecture In-Depth

  • the article provides in-depth details about the new Hopper GPU architecture for data center usage
  • shows performance numbers, new capabilities, improvements as well as new

[video] Interactive Graphics 19 - Bump, Normal, Displacement, and Parallax Mapping

  • the video presents an overview of techniques to represent more geometric details without having to use high geometric tessellation levels
  • explains the differences between the different techniques, how they are related explaining strengths and weakness

Mach v0.1 - cross-platform Zig graphics in ~60 seconds

  • the blog explains the graphics foundations of Mach, a zig graphics foundation layer
  • provides an overview of the unified API abstractions that use WebGPU and WGSL internally

Fast Non-Uniform 3D Frame Representation

  • the paper presents a derivation of a representation for rotation and non-uniform scaling in a compact representation
  • HLSL code for the implementation is provided
  • contains a performance comparison against quaternions and matrix operations on RDNA2 hardware instruction costs

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