Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 229 - April 3, 2022

Reducing Draw Time Hitching with VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library

  • the blog post describes the functionality of the new pipeline library extension and how to use it to reduce draw-time shader compilation stalls
  • the extension breaks up PSO compilation into four distinct areas Vertex Input Interface, Pre-Rasterization Shaders, Fragment Shader, Fragment Output Interface
  • these separate aspects can then be linked together to create the PSO
  • link-time optimizations are optional to trade compilation time for runtime performance

Software Rasterization of 2 Billion Points in Real Time

  • the paper presents an improvement of compute shader-based point cloud rasterization
  • presents LoD structures for point clouds
  • introduces the concept of per-batch Adaptive Vertex Precision that allows each batch to use three different position precisions relative to the center of the batch

PIX 2203.30: Export to C++, UI changes and more!

  • the blog post details the changes in the new PIX version
  • enables exporting captures into C++ so that users can simplify or experiment with making changes to the generated code

Authoring Efficient Shaders for Optimal Mobile Performance

  • the GDC talk presents the Mali Offline Compiler and how to use it to analyze shader performance at authoring time
  • discusses the importance of understanding your target hardware to make informed decisions
  • presents how much instruction costs might vary between different hardware generations
  • highlights the importance of choosing the correct variable precision

[video] Interactive Graphics 20 - Compute & Mesh Shaders

  • the video lecture explains the concepts of compute shaders
  • covering how to bind resources, compile and use shaders from OpenGL
  • it also covers the execution model covering execution groups, threads, and how it matches onto hardware cores
  • it additionally covers how mesh shaders fit into the graphics pipeline
  • covering the high-level concepts and presenting demos of mesh shaders

[video] Toon Shader Specular Highlights - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 40

  • the video tutorial shows how to implement specular highlights for a toon shader
  • extends the shaders from the previous part of the series
  • implementation is shown in both Unity and UE4 visual shader editor

[video] Interactive Graphics 21 - Deferred, Variable-Rate, & Adaptive Shading

  • the video lecture presents deferred shading, discussing the problems of forward shading and how deferred can help to overcome them
  • it also covers a brief overview of anti-aliasing techniques
  • it additionally covers how Variable Rate shading can be used to reduce the shading rate for a group of pixels to reduce shading cost further
  • it additionally presents an overview of Deferred Adaptive Compute Shading

Texture sampling tips

  • the article provides a collection of performance advice to consider with texture sampling
  • discusses how helper lanes are required for MIP selection
  • presents different ways that can allow reduced energy consumption on Mali GPUs

[video] How to Select 3D Objects With The Mouse Using OpenGL

  • the video explains how to use render-to-texture to enable object selection
  • draws out an object id and primitive ID to a texture
  • this texture is read back to the CPU to allow the detection of which object has been selected

Discover 3D content optimization with Simplygon

  • the talk provides an overview of different LOD concepts
  • how different Level of Details modes can be used to achieve improved performance

Thanks to Leonardo Etcheverry for support of this series.

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