Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 230 - April 10, 2022

[video] Painting a Landscape using Mathematics

  • the video provides a complete walkthrough of the creation of a large outdoor environment using shadertoy
  • presents how to implement a terrain using fractal surfaces, sun lighting, atmospheric scattering, clouds, grass, and trees
  • it additionally shows how to apply color adjustments for artistic expression

Raytracing, a 4 year retrospective

  • the article presents a retrospective of raytracing experiments done using compute shader implementations
  • shows an introduction for every experiment and how they present a continuous research space
  • providing links to an article covering each experiment

Bindless rendering — Templates

  • the article presents an abstraction system to allow shaders to author bindings without having to be aware of binding details in an abstracted method
  • shows how to emulate Shader Model 6.6 ResourceDescriptorHeap functionality in Vulkan where it’s not yet available

Entropy decoding in Oodle Data: Huffman decoding on the Jaguar

  • the article provides an in-depth look at the core loop optimizations of the Oodle decoding step for AMD jaguar CPUs
  • discussing hardware details of the CPU cores and how they define the decoder design

[video] Unreal Engine 5 Guided Tour | Feature Highlight | State of Unreal 2022

  • the 30min video provides a summary and examples of the new features in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to build an example scene
  • covering things like Niagra particles, fluids, landscape modeling, object material blending, nanite, etc

[video] 10 Shaders in 10 Minutes - Unity Shader Graph

  • the video tutorial shows how to implement ten different effects using UnityShader graphs
  • covering outline, dithered transparency, and vertex waves

[video] Tessellation and Displacement - Shader Graph Basics - Episode 41

  • the video shader tutorial shows how to use tessellation and displacement to create dynamically detailed meshes
  • presents how to control the displacement amount from a height texture
  • it additionally shows how to control the amount of tessellation only to add extra detail when needed on the silhouettes

[video] Interactive Graphics 22 - Global Illumination

  • a high-level overview of what Global Illumination is, the importance for the rendering results
  • presents several techniques that exist for the calculation of GI
  • these include radiometry, lightmapping, Path tracing, Voxel Cone Tracing as well, as Virtual Lights

[video] Interactive Graphics 23 - Ambient Occlusion & Soft Shadows

  • discusses what Ambient Occlusion is, provides how it fits into the rendering equation and what it cannot express
  • presents a high-level overview of an existing screen space technique to calculate the effect
  • it additionally covers why in most cases, soft shadows are expected and techniques to approximate the effect

[video] Procedurally Generating A Hexagon Grid in Unity

  • the video tutorial shows how to generate a procedural hexagon shape mesh
  • extends the generation to logic to support 3D hexagon shapes and combine them into a grid
  • implementation is shown using Unity C# code

Thanks to Matt Pharr for support of this series.

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