Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 258 - October 23rd, 2022

Performance Comparison of Bounding Volume Hierarchies for GPU Ray Tracing

  • the paper presents a comparison of a large number of methods for the construction of BVHs for ray tracing workloads
  • concludes by making suggestions for future technological developments that appear to offer the most potential at the time of writing

FSR 2.1 UE plugin enhancements part 1: Intro & improving foliage appearance using the base pass

  • the 5 part series provides a walkthrough of common issues when using the FSR 2.0 upscaler in Unreal Engine Projects
  • discusses why the issues occur, what solutions are available and how FSR 2.1 was improved to deal with the issues

binary search for sdfs - 2018, 2022

  • the article presents the story of how the author experimented with binary search in a shader for accelerating SDF tracing workloads
  • shows how to implement a stackless GPU-based traversal
  • presents why the binary search is unable to outperform the SDF raymarching loop

Godot SDFGI - Solving the accessible Global Illumination problem in Godot

  • the slides discussing the new GI solution implemented for Godot
  • the talk will happen on Friday, 28th twitter DM for signup
  • discusses how the technique is based on sphere tracing distance fields
  • how to generate the distance fields, trace lights
  • additionally spends a large chunk of the presentation on optimizations to make the technique viable


3D Engineer

Darmstadt/Germany (remote possible)

As a 3D Engineer at Threedy, you develop our core system’s algorithms and data structures, always optimizing data representations for efficient and cutting-edge 3D data streaming and visual computing.

Opening HLSL Planning

  • the blog post announces that a new, more open model for HLSL language development
  • discusses what feature will be able to be discussed in public and how the process will work

SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 papers on the web

  • a collection of papers from SIGGRAPH Asia 2022
  • the list is updated every couple of days at this time

Snowy Rock Shader - Advanced Materials - Episode 4

  • the video shader tutorial series covers how to create a shader that allows procedural rock shading with snow support
  • previous tutorials covered how to create the individual pieces, and those are combined in this part
  • video shows the implementation in both Unreal and Unity visual shader authoring

GI-1.0: A Fast Scalable Two-Level Radiance Caching Scheme for Real-Time Global Illumination

  • the AMD paper presents the findings for a new dynamic GI solution
  • proposes the separation into a screen and world space cache that complement each other with additional information
  • provides a detailed description of the individual steps, performance results as well as known limitations

stanford - Computer Science cheatsheets

  • a collection of cheatsheets on the high-level concepts of topics such as AI, machine learning, and statistics

Ray Tracing: How NVIDIA Solved the Impossible!

  • the video presents a history of light transport algorithms development
  • shows a breakdown of each technique and improvements in each iteration

Emulating Double Precision on the GPU to Render Large Worlds

  • the article presents that the Godot engine supports compilation in double-precision mode
  • shows how to emulate double precision calculation on GPUs that don’t support double by using two floats
  • presents what limitations still exist with this solution

My mesh shaders talk at XDC 2022

  • the blog post provides the text version of the mesh shader talk presented
  • the presentation covers the issues with the classic graphics pipeline and how mesh shaders can address these
  • presents how mesh shaders are authored, limitations, and hardware preference differences

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