Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 274 - February 12th, 2023

Screen Space Indirect Lighting with Visibility Bitmask

  • the paper proposes an expansion of Horizon-based indirect illumination by using visibility bitmasks instead of horizon angles
  • stores (occluded / un-occluded) of N sectors uniformly distributed around the hemisphere slice instead
  • meant to improve results for thin surfaces

Raymarching Clouds

  • the post provides a walkthrough of how to implement raymarching for volumetric clouds
  • provides an implementation using shadertoy
  • additionally discusses further issues and further steps

GM Shaders Mini: Blendmodes

  • the short tutorial shows how to recreate photoshop blend modes using GLSL shader code
  • contains a link to a GLSL implementation of additional blend mode implementations

A fast and precise triangle rasterizer

  • the article presents how to implement a software triangle rasterizer
  • discusses how to evaluate if pixels are inside a triangle
  • covers how to deal with edge cases, how to improve constant precision through the use of a fixed-point number representation
  • additionally presents performance optimizations

Getting Started with Vulkan Compute Acceleration

  • the tutorial explains the basics of compute shader usage with Vulkan by implementing a compute-shader-based particle system
  • shows how to load compute shaders, bind resources and interact with graphics resources
  • additionally covers how the hardware executes compute shaders by explaining concepts such as workgroups and invocations

Technically Art: Issue 138 (11.02.2023)

  • a collection of tech art tweets covering topics such as procedural modeling, volumetric motion blur, skin shader, VFX and visual shader WIP reports

[video] Texturing // Terrain Rendering episode #4

  • the video tutorial explains how to apply textures to a terrain system
  • provides a recap of texture mapping techniques and how to apply textures based on the height of the terrain
  • expands upon the techniques to tile texture across the terrain
  • additionally shows how to use mipmapping and how it improves the quality of the results

Thanks to Wiktor Czosnowski for support of this series.

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