Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 275 - February 19th, 2023

Impressions from Vulkanised 2023 Conference

  • the author presents his impression from the Vulkanied conference
  • presents an overview of the topics covered, what discussions revealed during panel discussions, and what are common issues

[video] Vulkanised 2023

  • the playlist of video recordings of the talks presented at the Vulkanised 2023 in Munich
  • covers a large number of topics such as Mesh Shader best practices, source-level shader debugging, performance optimizations
  • ranges from mobile and desktop to virtual reality

Teardown Teardown

  • the article presents a breakdown of how Teardown is being rendered
  • shows all stages of the pipeline required for the final frame
  • shows how the G-Buffer is drawn, how details are applied to the voxel
  • additionally presents how the weather effects, lighting, as well as denoising are implemented
  • additionally covers many more steps of the frame pipeline

Swapping Colours

  • the article provides an overview of different techniques to adjust object colors from objects
  • shows how to implement the presented techniques using Unity visual shader language as well as in HLSL

[video] Calculating Ray-Sphere Intersections

  • the video tutorial explains how to implement ray-sphere intersection testing
  • discusses the mathematic derivation of the technique
  • shows how to implement the intersection testing using GLSL in shadertoy

Fast Real-Time Shading for Polygonal Hair

  • the paper presents a technique to approximate hair lighted by an environment map, direct lighting, or a global illumination
  • build around the modeling of obstruction around each hair using spherical harmonics instead of requiring deep opacity maps

Float Compression 6: Filtering Optimization

  • the blog post continues the series on float compression techniques
  • investigates how SIMD instruction sets can be used to optimize
  • presents how it affects the results

[video] Parallax Occlusion Optimization - Advanced Materials - Episode 15

  • the video discusses the difference between Parallax Occlusion and normal mapping
  • presents how to optimize the implementation to adjust the steps only for cases where precision is required
  • implementation is shown in both Unity and Unreal

Thanks to Aras Pranckevicius for support of this series.

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