Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 284 - April 23rd, 2023

Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2023 papers on the web

  • a collection of papers from the I3D 2023 presentation
  • contains links to the papers and related material where available

[video] Math in Game Development Summit: A Visual Guide to Quaternions and Dual Quaternions

  • the GDC talk explains how Quaternions and Dual Quaternions work and how they affect objects under transformation
  • starts by building an understanding of Quaternions, shows the advantages and limitations
  • followed by an extension to cover Dual Quaternions, explaining what problems they solve and how they compare to 4x4 transformation matrices

Advanced Graphics Summit: Realistic Real-Time Sky Dome Rendering in 'Gran Turismo 7'

  • the GDC presentation discusses the new sky rendering model developed for GT7
  • presents the physical foundations and how to simulate them in an offline rendering system
  • followed by how the sky method has been adjusted to be used in real-time through heavy use of LUT
  • discusses how to control the method through simplified parameters
  • additionally covers how they approached cloud rendering

GM Shaders Mini: FXAA

  • the short tutorial presents how the FXAA algorithm is implemented
  • presents how the algorithm works in simple terms

Simplifying Bézier paths

  • the article discusses techniques to calculate Bézier that use fewer segments than the existing original path
  • presents the importance of an error metric and discusses different available options

MaterialX - Version 1.38.7

  • the latest version released from the Open MaterialX standards adds support for MaterialX Graph Editor and support for Metal shader generation
  • also adds support for coated emissive surfaces and bitangent input vectors

The many ways of converting FP32 to FP16

  • the article presents several different methods to convert between 32 and 16-bit floating point formats
  • discusses the implementation, issues, and considerations with each technique

Mipmap Generation

  • the tutorial explains how to use WebGPU to use compute shaders to calculate the MIP maps for textures
  • presents the implementation of a one MIP level at a time technique

Contributing to Godot - Visual Shaders Nodes

  • the article presents how to introduce custom shader nodes into the Godot Visual shader graph
  • shows an example of how to color an object following the UVs

New playground:

  • the article introduces two new interactive playgrounds for integer and floating point numbers
  • allows experimenting with how different numbers are encoded into the underlying bit patterns

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