Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 285 - April 30th 2023

Fine-grained backface culling

  • Article discusses implementing backface culling in mesh shaders
  • Compares the efficiency of three different methods: Cluster cone culling, precomputed visibility masks, and multi-cone culling
  • Presents performance numbers for each technique on different scenes

Building a new graphics engine in Rust - Part 4

  • the article presents progress on a Rust-based home graphics engine project
  • focuses on the discussion of how to integrate resource management into the Rust memory model and GPU-driven rendering considerations
  • presents how to setup bindless rendering pipelines, implement frustum culling in compute shaders, and how to integrate with an ECS-based engine

Radeon™ GPU Profiler 1.15 provides an enhanced ISA view experience and more

  • the article presents improvements done to the AMD GPU profiler
  • It primarily focuses on the shader/pipeline disassembly view improvement and has been updated to make it easier to navigate
  • but also mesh shader and Conservative Rasterization mode have been added to support

[video] A neat realtime water caustics technique using partial derivatives in UE!

  • the video explains how to use partial derivatives in HLSL shaders to calculate the amount of light distortion to calculate refractions
  • presents the results and implementation using UE4

[video] A visual explanation for 3D transformation matrix multiplications

  • the video tutorial explains how matrices are combined
  • visually explains the operations by explaining how a robotic arm transformation is implemented
  • followed up by explaining how the multiplications are implemented mathematically but always visually explaining the relationships

[video] Quake's PVS: A hidden gem of rendering optimization

  • the video explains how PVS (Potential Visibility Set) used by Quake is implemented
  • visually shows how the graph is constructed and what optimizations were applied to optimize the set further

Battlefront II: Layered Explosion

  • the article explains how star wars battlefront explosion VFX has been implemented
  • shows how flipbook textures are combined with LUT textures for recoloring as needed

Cubic Interpolation of Quaternions

  • the article explains a series of Interpolation and shows how they build up to cubic Quaternion interpolation
  • covers Hermite Curve, Catmull-Rom Cubic, and finally, Quaternion Catmull-Rom Cubic Interpolation

Thanks to Nathan Reed for support of this series.

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