Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 287 - May 14th 2023

Introducing AMD Capsaicin Framework - our ARR Research Framework which includes our GI-1.0 sample

  • AMD released a new research framework aimed at the rapid development of multiple rendering implementations in parallel
  • The first release contains a GI implementation and a reference Path tracer

A Rough Idea of How Photon Mapping Works

  • the article provides an overview of the Photon Mapping technique
  • discusses the issues with ray counts from ray and path tracing methods and how photon mapping aims to reduce the number of rays
  • developed to solve rendering caustics efficiently

Stochastic Texture Filtering

  • the paper investigates and presents the quality and performance influence of stochastic texture filtering
  • stochastic texture filtering makes it possible to perform filtering outside of the lighting integral
  • this could allow for the adoption of higher-order texture magnification filters as the introduced noise can be removed with temporal filtering algorithms

GPU Hang Exploration: Splitgate

  • the article provides a walkthrough of how to investigate a GPU hang found in Splitgate on Steam Deck
  • shows how to narrow down the issue using Vulkan validation, the AMD open-source drivers, and UE source code access
  • presents the complex interconnections of GPU systems

[video] GDC 2023 - Two-Level Radiance Caching for Fast and Scalable Real-Time Global Illumination in Games

  • the GDC presentation present a GI solution that aims to cache radiance into a cache hierarchy
  • shows how the technique combines screen space probes with world space-level cells
  • presents the implementation, quality, performance as well as limitations of the technique

[video] The LOD Manager // Terrain Rendering episode #8

  • the video tutorial expands on the terrain rendering series by adding support for calculating LOD levels for each patch
  • shows how to implement the technique using OpenGL

Thanks to Jan-Harald Fredriksen for support of this series.

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