Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 288 - May 21st 2023

Unit Gradient Fields: SDFs, UGFs, and their friends

  • the article provides a formal definition of a Unit Gradient Field
  • compares an SDF to a UGF and possible applications
  • presents a visual component to provide further insights

Advanced API Performance: CPUs

  • the article presents CPU performance consideration for efficient usage of APIs
  • shows the importance of running the right workloads on separate threads

Introducing Vulkan Ray Tracing Position Fetch Extension

  • the blog post describes a new Vulkan raytracing extension that allows the retrieval of positions from a hit shader
  • discusses how applications used to fetch position information manually and how this extension will simplify the logic

[video] I3D 2023 Papers Session 1 - Neural Rendering and Image Warping

  • video recording for the first I3D conference paper session has been released
  • the three talks are Interactive Editing of Neural Radiance Fields, A Primitive for Animatable Neural Rendering with Interactive Speed as well as Metameric Inpainting for Image Warping
  • the Q&A for each talk is included as well

From 0 to glTF with WebGPU: Rendering the First glTF Mesh

  • the second part of the glTF mesh series covers how to interpret mesh data and render from WebGPU
  • covers the ASCII and binary format

Shader Execution Reordering: Nvidia Tackles Divergence

  • the article presents the effect of Shader Execution Reordering (SER) on GPU performance
  • shows the effect on Cyberpunk 2077 and shows how improved coherence improves performance
  • presents how the extension is represented in the DXIL and changes the shaders

Thanks to Sondre Kongsgård for support of this series.

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