Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 289 - May 28th 2023

[video] Frustum Culling // Terrain Rendering episode #9

  • the video tutorial explains two different techniques of frustum culling
  • presents how to implement culling in object and clip space
  • code implementation is provided for OpenGL

Khronos Osaka Dev Day Video and LunarG Presentation Slides Available

  • slides and videos from the Khronos Osaka Dev Day have been released
  • covers how to read and write SPIR-V, use the Vulkan Validation Effectively as well as what tools are available

Deus Ex – Alpha Terrain

  • the article presents how the terrain in Deus Ex is quite different compared to other solutions
  • shows how the terrain uses translucent materials to blend between opaque objects and the terrain

[video] [OpenGL Episode 25] Rotation Matrices (using glm)

  • the video shows how rotation matrices are defined in mathematics and glm + OpenGL
  • presents how to read a 4x4 matrix as columns matrices to understand the effect

[video] Halton Low-Discrepancy Sequence [Shaders Monthly #12]

  • the video explains the effect of the Halton Sequence compared to random and grid sampling
  • shows how to implement the Halton Sequence using GLSL
  • presents the practical effects when applied to image space lighting

Waterfall Shader Breakdown

  • the article explains how to create a stylized waterfall effect
  • shows how to integrate SDF objects to interact with the water flow

Micro-Mesh Construction

  • the paper presents how to construct micro meshes from high-resolution triangle meshes
  • provides an overview of the micro-mesh data structure
  • discusses advantages and disadvantages of the mesh structure

Thanks to Jon Greenberg for support of this series.

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