Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 295 - July 9th, 2023

Intermediate Graphics Library (IGL)

  • Meta open-sourced their cross-platform library that provides a common graphics API abstraction
  • a couple of examples are provided that show how to use the API

GPU 2D Drawing Part 2: Rectangle SDF. Masking. Rotations.

  • the blog post discusses signed distance fields (SDF) for rectangles as well as how to render borders and rounded corners
  • shows how to apply masking, transformations, and clipping of shapes and effects such as conversion into borders only and inversion
  • additionally shows how to combine multiple SDFs to create more diverse results with a limited number of base shapes

Rain Effects Breakdown

  • the article provides a breakdown of how to implement a rain effect using Unity visual shaders
  • shows different types of implementation with varying levels of sophistication and implementation difficulty
  • simulates raindrops and rain streaks

Skeletal animation in glTF

  • the article provides an overview of skeleton animation in-general and then presents how to parse the information from gLTF files
  • shows how to combine transforms, interpret hierarchical information and apply the data in vertex shaders

[video] Windows Gaming On Mac: Game Porting Toolkit Tested! Cyberpunk, Hogwarts, Dead Space + More!

  • the Digital Foundry video provides an overview of the Apple Game Porting Toolkit
  • shows how the toolkit works with several recent AAA game releases
  • additionally presents how to setup the toolkit for use

[video] Skybox // Terrain Rendering episode #11

  • the video tutorial presents how to render a skybox using OpenGL
  • explains the theory of the technique and the implementation
  • covers considerations such as culling, rendering order, and positioning

[video] Building Roads Procedurally Using Unity's Spline Package

  • the video tutorial presents how to build a road network using a spline system
  • discusses how to extrude a road mesh from a spline and create junction meshes
  • presents how to calculate tiling UVs that follow the density of the bezier changes

Thanks to Neil Bickford for support of this series.

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