Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 297 - July 23rd 2023

Rendering ‘God of War Ragnarök’

  • the talk presents is a combination of leadership methods and rendering techniques of God of War Ragnarök
  • covering lightings units, optimization techniques, PS5 Enhacements such as raytraced cubemaps reflections
  • presents optimization appraoches used for shadows, geometry, and how it was tracked

Advanced API Performance: Pipeline State Objects

  • the article provides a list of best practice recommendations for usage of PSOs with D3D12
  • additionally also presents what patterns are not recommendation
  • explaining why these recommendations are made

Calculate how many helper pixels a pixel quad has

  • small twitter thread that presents how to use Quad intrinsics and IsHelperLane to visulize how efficent quad shading is


Principal Graphics Programmer

Hybrid Working – Farnborough (45 Minutes outside London)

Join nDreams, a world-leading VR game developer and publisher, as a Principal Graphics Programmer and be at the forefront of VR gaming innovation.

As part of our team, you will research, implement, and support new rendering features and shaders, collaborate with technical and creative staff, and optimize code and systems for optimal performance. We offer a state-of-the-art collaborative workflow, flexible hours, and a range of exciting benefits.

Apply now to join our team and shape the future of VR gaming!

[video] Nuclear's graphics tricks #1: simple outline rendering

  • the quick video presents a method to render an outline of an object by taking advantage of wireframe rendering mode
  • relies on rendering backfaces only and drawing lines that are thicker than 1 pixel
  • presents how to implement the technique using OpenGL

Computational complexity of texture encoding

  • the article explains how most tecture encoding formats operate in blocks, presenting how this reduces time complexity
  • Additional computational complexity of encoding textures depends on the search space of possible endpoint/mode combinations, which can be reduced using heuristics and pruning techniques

Santa Monica Studio - Our GDC 2023 presentations

  • Santa Monica Studio release the slides for all GDC 2023 presentations
  • covers not only rendering topics but also AI, Animation, Testing, Art, accessbility and visual scripting

Sub-pixel Distance Transform - High quality font rendering for WebGPU

  • the article presents an in-depth look at SDF font rendering techniques
  • shows issues with common implementations and show how to correctly render on a sub-pixel level
  • discusses how to blend more complex shapes such as Emoji
  • additionally presents how the glyps are cached into runtime dynamic texture atlas


Graphics Programmer

Remote Working (UK Based or Relocation)

Join nDreams Studio Orbital as a Graphics Programmer and be at the forefront of developing groundbreaking VR experiences that will captivate players for years to come.

As part of our remote team, you will collaborate with a diverse and innovative group, taking ownership of visual fidelity and rendering performance in Unreal Engine 5.

If you are passionate about pushing the boundaries of VR gaming technology and want to make your mark on the industry, apply now and be part of our exciting journey to redefine the future of VR!

Micro-Mesh Overview (Part 1)

  • the blog post provides a first high level overview of the micro-mesh technique
  • contains links to nvidia sources that discuss the technique in more detail

Effective use of the new D3D12_HEAP_TYPE_GPU_UPLOAD flag

  • the article presents what ReBAR is and how it allows GPU resource to be directly CPU adressable
  • shows recommendations when and how to use the technique
  • addiotinally discusses hardware constraints, and how to validate the availbility

Real-Time Neural Texture Upsampling in ‘God of War Ragnarök’

  • the presentation present a neural network approach used to upscale textures
  • shows an overview of BC7 block compression, explaining different modes available and tradeoffs
  • discusses the implementation of the network, preseting performance and quality

[video] User Clip Planes // OpenGL Intermediate Series

  • the video tutorial presents how one can use clip planes to cut geomeetry along plane equations
  • presents the underlything math as well as how to implement the feature using OpenGL

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