Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 313 - November 12th, 2023

Physically Based Rendering: Fourth Edition

  • the 4th edition of the Physically Based Rendering has been released to read on the web for free
  • the book teaches both the mathematical theory and the practical implementation of a photorealistic rendering

Advanced API Performance: Intrinsics

  • a brief blog post that describes what advantages Wave intrinsics can have
  • advises on group sizes and how they can affect code generation

Secrets of Direct3D 12: Do RTV and DSV descriptors make any sense?

  • the article provides an overview of the way D3D12 deals with resource descriptors
  • presents how shaders use the RDNA2 instructions use the descriptor when sampling
  • from there, shows how Render/Depth targets are different and only used from the CPU side

Intuiting Latency and Throughput

  • video of the Performance-Aware Programming series that presents in real-world terms latency, throughput, and dependency chains
  • aims to develop the intuition of these concepts by explaining the process of doing laundry and showing that the same fundamental ideas apply to accelerate chores

Explore GPU advancements in M3 and A17 Pro

  • the video presents an overview of the hardware changes in new Apple hardware generations
  • discusses how new hardware features enable better hardware utilization through dynamic shader register usage
  • additionally covers the updates to the hardware raytracing capabilities

Discover new Metal profiling tools for M3 and A17 Pro

  • the video discusses updates to the profiling capabilities of hardware/software updates
  • presents new views that visualize screen space costs and allow better visualization of hardware counters
  • explains how the new capabilities allow performance issues to be identified with examples

Why Cities: Skylines 2 performs poorly

  • the article provides a breakdown of the GPU scene rendering of Cities: Skylines 2
  • presents how the scene is drawn and points out performance optimization issues

Extending Materials in Bevy 0.12 with MaterialExtension

  • the video tutorial presents how to extend the generic bevy rendering material to support custom effects
  • shows the process in two examples
  • covers the shader changes, how to bind custom data, and how to use the newly defined material

[video] How do Major Video Games Render Grass?

  • the video provides an overview of how Ghost of Tsushima rendered grass
  • presents the process of implementing the rendering step by step inspired by the technique

[pptx] The Rendering of The Callisto Protocol

  • the slides for the advances of rendering presentation have been released
  • proposes a novel approach for BRDF authoring against photograph references
  • covering how to develop the main character shading model and validate the results
  • additionally covers raytracing reflections, transmissions, and related optimizations

Thanks to Giuseppe Modarelli for support of this series.

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