Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 321 - January 7th, 2024

Quaternion Weighted Average

  • the article presents how to accurately calculate the average of a set of quaternions
  • shows issues with a common method, why these errors happen, and how to improve it
  • visually shows the improved method

Siggraph 2023 Courses - Videos released

  • ACM has released the video recording for the SIGGRAPH 2023 courses
  • a large number of topics such as USD, WebGPU, Vulkan raytracing, and many more

A Gentle Introduction to ReSTIR Path Reuse in Real-Time

  • ACM released the video recording of the Siggraph course on the introduction to ReSTIR
  • the full ~3h30 video is available for streaming & download
  • covering from the basics to practical integration into Cyberpunk

Phaser Studio is looking for a focused, collaborative, professional graphics engineer to help craft the 2D rendering engine for the current and next generation of the Phaser game framework.

You’ll be a bright, energetic, and talented individual who shares our love of video games and our passion for empowering game developers to make the most of the web as a gaming platform.

[video] Inside Alan Wake 2: How Remedy Delivered A Visual Masterpiece

  • the Digitial Foundry interview with a Technical Director and Lead Graphics Programmer from the Alan Wake 2 team
  • discusses engine changes, mesh shader usage, ray tracing design, memory optimizations, etc.
  • the full interview is ~50 minutes long

[video] Vertex Displacement - Advanced Materials - Episode 35

  • the video tutorial presents several use cases that vertex offset enables
  • shows how to implement the techniques in Unity and Unreal Engine

[video] This Is Ray Tracing Supercharged!

  • the article presents an overview of recent advances in light transport and compute graphics algorithms
  • shows noise reduction techniques, screen space-based GI techniques as well as displacement mapping with continuous LODs


Unreal Developer (m/w/d)


Wir sind Threedy, ein dynamisches Startup, das als Ausgründung vom Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD in Darmstadt im Jahr 2020 entstanden.

Threedy entwickelt und vertreibt instant3Dhub - die erste Visual-Computing-as-a-Service-Technologie. Sie ermöglicht den produktiven Einsatz von Mixed Reality und digitalen Arbeitsszenarien in beliebigen Industrieanwendungen auf einfache und unkomplizierte Weise.

Als Unreal Developer wirst du an der Entwicklung unseres verteilten Rendering-Systems teilhaben und an der Integration unserer Technologie mit der Unreal Engine arbeiten.

DiffusionLight: Light Probes for Free by Painting a Chrome Ball

  • the paper presents a method to estimate HDR EnvironmentMap (Chrome Ball) from a single input image
  • shows how the LDR diffusion model was trained, what insights enable better estimation as well as how to generate HDR sphere
  • source code and example implementation are available

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