Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 326 - February 11th, 2024

Vulkanised 2024

  • The slides for the talks of the 2024 Edition of the Vulkanised conference have been released
  • 3-day conference covering Vulkan SDK changes, synchronization, common learning mistakes, presentations of integration into larger systems, shading language developments, as well as future looking developments

[video] Creating an Instance // Vulkan for Beginners #2

  • the video in a series of Vulkan tutorials explains how to create a Vulkan Instance
  • explains the API concepts required to understand
  • code samples are provided

[video] Water Foam - Advanced Materials - Episode 40

  • the video tutorial explains how to add surface foam around the edges of objects that intersect the water surface
  • shows how to implement the foam effect and how to limit the effect to the area around the intersection
  • implementation is shown using both Unreal and Unity using a visual shading system


Unreal Developer (m/w/d)


We are Threedy, a dynamic startup that emerged as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD in Darmstadt in 2020.

Threedy develops and distributes instant3Dhub - the first Visual Computing as a Service technology. It enables the productive use of Mixed Reality and digital work scenarios in any industrial applications in a simple and straightforward manner.

As an Unreal Developer, you will be involved in the development of our distributed rendering system and work on integrating our technology with the Unreal Engine.

Building the DirectX shader compiler better than Microsoft?

  • the article presents the authors’ work on allowing the DXC compiler to be built into a static library for Linux, MacOS, and Windows
  • additionally presents how to remove it’s possible to replace the dependency on DXIL.dll for shader signing

Toward a next-gen vulkan shading language: our journey with slang

  • the presentation shows an overview of the Slang shading language
  • presents how it fits into the ecosystem, what features are supported, and what additional capabilities it brings to shader authors
  • shows how the integrated automatic differentiation can be used for different use cases

[video] Explaining my game engine in 2023 - Part3: Tile-based light culling, compute shaders, RenderDoc

  • the video explains Forward+ shading techniques
  • shows how to express frustum culling, how compute shader allows the workload to be expressed
  • additionally presents how to use RenderDoc to visualize the involved data

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