Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 330 - March 10th, 2024

About fast 2D CDF construction

  • the article presents a method for efficiently calculating the Cumulative Distribution Function or CDF, for image-based lighting
  • explains the underlying prefix sum algorithms
  • shows how to improve the initial implementation for improved GPU performance
  • the implementation is provided using CUDA

Solar Storm Rendering

  • the article provides a brief overview of the rendering engine architecture of the indie game Solar Storm
  • presents how the systems are designed around immediate mode principles
  • shows how the world is built up, shaders are created, and objects submitted for rendering
  • additionally presents a quick look at post-processing and performance

Vulkan Foliage rendering using GPU Instancing

  • the blog post provides a walkthrough of the author’s implementation of grass rendering using compute shaders + indirect draw
  • shows how the instances are generated, animated, and culled, as well as how LODs have been added
  • code samples are presented using Vulkan

Screen Space Reflection

  • the article presents how to implement screen space reflections using a single shader pass
  • starts from a basic technique description and presents how to resolve common issues
  • each step and improvements are visually represented
  • the source code for a Unity shader is provided

The Smooth-Minimum operator or Smooth-Union

  • the article provides an in-depth look at the Smooth-Minimum operator and its characteristics
  • shows that many varieties exist, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses
  • presents examples of all and discusses when to use the different variations

Inside Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1’s iGPU: Adreno Gets Big

  • the article provides an in-depth look at the hardware details of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 GPUs
  • shows the hardware design, compute throughput, performance, cache performance, and much more

[video] Let's Get Physical (Device) // Vulkan For Beginners #5

  • the video tutorial explains the concepts related to GPU hardware detection
  • shows how to enumerate connected GPUs, what capabilities they support, and how to pick the hardware that matches the application requirements

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